daft punk is playing in my house (LCD sound system) 
The opening weekend of OY (Obscure Yourself) is over.
A good opening. The fact that Pierogi, a rather know gallery from NY (Brooklyn) opend a second space in Leipzig made radio stations, tv- channels, magazines and news papers go crazy. I am glad that my small curatorial project was in the back and not know to all those. Joe, Jason and Christina was doing nothing but giving interviews. I on the other hand could just be there.

Not that being there was very pleasant. People went bananas with the sound installation of Brian and Leon Dewan named Dewantron.... see here the press text from the exhibition in Brooklyn. It is a very nice installation and Leon and Brian makes great music. It is just that the instruments seen on the photos are interactive - and people tend to
a) find the most annoying sound
b) max the volume.
This made me frequently pump up the volume for the video program.
Thus, in order to have a decent conversation one had to yell.
After nine hours of that you want to do something radical. Like killing some visitors. Kick a wall.
I chose to get insanely drunk. That helped - until the next day.

Photos from the opening and from the installation will be up on the web site before the end of this week.

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back again 
about a year after I started this blog, and after my second 4 months pause, What We Talk About When We Talk About Art - are back.
There have been no greater changes, but let me update you anyway:

I am working on a project for Manifesta. Me and artist Heman Chong are going to do a seminar where the students are going to write a science fiction novel. Looking forward to this. For that I we are doing a small READER called Untitled (Excerpts #01) - And we are looking for people with science fiction interest. If are interested, or know anyone that are, do not hesitate to contact me.

I will keep you updated on this.

Further, I have started a small non-for-profit kunstverein here in Leipzig called D21 (web page will be up and running in a few days). The first exhibition will be Obscure Yourself.

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Ingvil Aarbakke is dead 
It is sad to hear that Ingvill Aarbakke, one of the two prime members of the Danish [artist] collective N55, died of cancer at the age of 35.
Read Charles Lock's obituary in The Guardian:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/news/obi ... 36,00.html

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things I didn't know... part 2 
with wikipedia I guess that everything is a bit to easy to find out, but still: the word that I looked into today was:

- Packet Integrated Grouper

As I understood this is the program and code that makes our internet pages (and blogs) to tell eachother that there are updates - am I right?

The only wagely funny thing about it is that the name of the man that wrote it is
Mike Muuss -- his real whole name is Michael John Muuss, but still.

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the turner prize 
The difference between Europe and America is rather large, I know that much, and that some artist that they "over there" find essential might in my view be provinsial or boring. But without being arrrogant, I thought that Simon Starling, the winne of this years Turner Prize, was at least a known name by art geeks in the States. After all, Daniel Birnbaum wrote a text on him in Artforum just one year ago (might need a )bugmenot to enter site). And after all, he was nominated for the last Hugo Boss Prize (won by Rirkrit Tirivanija, 2004).

I might be overreacting on a innocent "Simon Starling (who?)" "Simon Starling (who?)", but it did sound sort of strange that Starling in not known by Gibson. I might be mistaken.

read: Charlotte Higgins account on the winner in the Guradian.

paperholic has a few other links, among them to a streaming interview with Starling

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