Spiral Jetty 

thanks goes to Tyler Green's modern and contemporary art blog
(he got it from off center).

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things I didn't know... part 2 
with wikipedia I guess that everything is a bit to easy to find out, but still: the word that I looked into today was:

- Packet Integrated Grouper

As I understood this is the program and code that makes our internet pages (and blogs) to tell eachother that there are updates - am I right?

The only wagely funny thing about it is that the name of the man that wrote it is
Mike Muuss -- his real whole name is Michael John Muuss, but still.

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things I didn't know... part 1 
I guess I am sort of out of it, but I learned two minutes ago the origin of the word spam.

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life and so on 
I guess it was not a great surprise, but I did not get the job at Art in Nordland... they are still looking for a director, so if anyone wants to move above the artic circle and work on contemporary - international, I might add - art. then go to their site and send them an mail. I haven't given up yettough...

soundtrack of the day:
king midas, the albums Romeo turn and The Jaguars (2005).

selling banner ads. for the norwegian online paper http://kunstkritikk.no and trying to finish a few texts.

further, according to spyware doctor, I do have 39 infections on my laptop, there is at least one trojan on my computer (it is a Trojan.MulDrop.1324 I think, and it is situated in c:\recycled\Dc234.exe -- and I do not know what to do with it.)

I feel sort of helpless. I did a hijackthis logfile - and this one to showed some very bad things.

i tried to do an online check at panda active scan but they do not support firefox or opera browsers.

I am really fed up with being a halfling -- I want to umsteigen to ubuntu -- but sort of never find the time really, and so is it that every now and then the search for bugs, virus etc is eating up my time. But I guess to umsteigen would also eat up a lot of my time to fix everyting and to get installed etc as well

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I am looking at the new ubuntu and like what I read. It looks to have many good features that I would like to have - now I just need to find a way to turn of the viritual memory of windows so that I can partitioning (??) my hard disk so that I can still have windows. Now I just need to find a driver for all my hard ware such as my wireless Lan etc.

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