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  • 2006
    • November
      • PHILIP
        The Novel, or rather a Novella if we are to believe the word count of Wikipedia...
        More about the week that passed and the Novel/Novella later, here is the back cover

        © David Reinfurt / Philipville

      • PHILIP
        there is much to be said about PHILIP the workshop, but I am afraid I do not have time for it right now. Will get back as soon as possible, so instead some happenings in leipzig::

        the exhibition Sexy Mythos in Leipzig --

        then in Halle 14:


      • PHILIP: let the games begin
        So, PHILIP, the work shop are on its way.
        The first participants arrive to day, net is up, great working space (a bar) and sun. 14 degree Celcius - everything*s fine

        The photo is taken by Heman Chong and
        it is me (to the right) and Mark Aerial Waller, artist from London.

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