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  • 2006
    • November
      • PHILIP
        The Novel, or rather a Novella if we are to believe the word count of Wikipedia...
        More about the week that passed and the Novel/Novella later, here is the back cover

        © David Reinfurt / Philipville

      • PHILIP
        there is much to be said about PHILIP the workshop, but I am afraid I do not have time for it right now. Will get back as soon as possible, so instead some happenings in leipzig::

        the exhibition Sexy Mythos in Leipzig --

        then in Halle 14:


      • PHILIP: let the games begin
        So, PHILIP, the work shop are on its way.
        The first participants arrive to day, net is up, great working space (a bar) and sun. 14 degree Celcius - everything*s fine

        The photo is taken by Heman Chong and
        it is me (to the right) and Mark Aerial Waller, artist from London.

    • October
      • leipzig, china, art - what ever.
        Since I cannot link to a certain blog out there (that is just so stupid, why do you have a blog if it is not allowed to link to it?), anyway, I have some of my best reads going through the posts, and in the middle of a biennale, it is clear that the art worlds are not plagued with one, but two trend

      • the earth belonged to the martians...
        Setting my pandora on "punk" radio (the stupid thing played gorillaz as the first tune, I was looking for something a bit more... hard core), anyway, I skipped that and then this started playing. Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of The Worlds was one of my favorits when I was in

      • Why I blog/ write / what ever
        Just wrote a text about reading, why I read so to say, and I have never read in order to write, but reading is necessary if one wants to write.
        Anyway, this blog and I have come a long way in terms of time; never have I so often written something to no one as the last year and a half -- or so I

      • Pontus Hultén dies at 82
        I have heard a lot about Hultén, the one who made Moderna Museet the place we all would like it to be (it is not, not really) - or?
        It is always strange when heroes and known people dies, so also with Pontus Hultén, who died not many days ago. He will be remembered as long as the term Contempor

        Now, I love the writings of Jerry Saltz, did I mentioned that? Well, I do, don't I. Although pushing the limits of logic, I very much enjoyed reading his "NO NEXT CHELSEA" in the October issue of Modern Painters. He applies Darwinist methodology on the art scene by claiming not only t

      • some thouhgts
        During the job interview I had the night before last, some interesting subjects were brought up: why does so many curators/critics etc. turn commercial? why not be in a institution and then just work their way through life having different jobs?
        There are some disadvantages working for some in

      • Forgot: Unitednationsplaza
        M6 was cancelled. Nobody can deny that, but the ideas used in the making of are in circulation still. One of the largest onces are founder of e-flux : Anton Vidokle (hear radio-interview here (as a part of a project form the curator-students in Amsterdam last year)).

        His project in Berlin

      • Thinking Worlds
        Now, this I can like, a biennale that makes a canon of philosophy before the actuall exhibition with half a year! would love to be there, will check out what tickets costs.

        "Thinking Worlds" - An International Symposium on
        Philosophy, Politics, and A

      • how about a review?
        I have many times claimed that Tommy Olsson is a great writer, but t I am not sure if I consider him an art critic. But reading Aftenposten's main critic, Lotte Sandberg's review of the exhibition Fantastic Politics: Art in Times of Political Crisis, I understand why I just might be force

      • What went wrong Mr. Putin?

        The Girl Has A Date, 2006, colour photo, 140 x 100 cm
        Blue Noses Group

        A few days ago, this blog (that I am not allowed to linkthat I am not allowed to link to ) pointed out that Matthew Brown (the art dealer) was hold by the police for several hours and was not allowed to taki

      • Spiral Jetty

        thanks goes to Tyler Green's modern and contemporary art blog
        (he got it from off center).

      • since last
        OCA gives out the second Edward Munch award. (very good choice).

        Jan Mot have series of screenings organized by Nina Möntmann

        Swede living in Norway Artist turned Critic Tommy Olsson goes berserk in London (Norwegian only)

        jill mentioned a interactive art work at

      • update/ museum blogging
        A few days since last post. Was near two times, but one I manage to erased myself (on museum-blogging in Europe and elsewhere, I discovered no museum blogs in Europe, although going through quite a few museum sites, some museums had own TV- channels online (GfZK Leipzig), some had own pod-casts ( B

      • Guy and relative stuff
        A taxi driver in the UK named Guy Goma went to the BBC for a job interview. Wail waiting someone from the BBC came looking for Guy Kewney, and IT specialist that was going to say his about the conclusion of the Apple Computer vs. Apple Records lawsuit. They found Goma, he ended up on TV live. The ta

      • sitemap
        Heman Chong got this cool sitemap - go to main page and scroll down. I wanted that too, so I followed the link on his page and got an image of this page. the problems came when I tried to make a jpg out of the java. I tried screenshot - could not find the clip board on my lap top, I tried to downlo

      • nothing to do?
        11 (now, that's ADHD)

      • I have nothing to say, and I am saying it
        In an text I wrote about the art biennial in Lofoten (LIAF) I claimed that two of the earlier issues (the 1999 and 2004 one) was both a disaster. The text is in Norwegian language if anyone wonder.
        The co-curator of both 1999 and 2004 LIAF - Norwegian artist Tor Inge Kveum replied (can be rea

      • Art Review goes digital
        Art Review goes online and offers obviously subscription, because it is for free the first six issues if you register. That should mean that it is either cheaper than the printed issue or completely different to the printed issue, but both is a problem in general; if the printed and the online issue

      • seminar workshop in norway: A Framework for Modern Cultural Activism: Does Art Create A Public Sphere in Itself?
        Seminar and workshop, Saturday, Oct. 21, 10:30 AM -- 4:00 PM
        The National Museum, 8th floor lecture hall. Kristian Augustgate 23.
        Free entrance. Light lunch served.
        Relevant texts can be downloaded in advance from the National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings' website:
      • on sex etc.
        I was an artist once (might just become one again in order to apply for grants from Norway).
        One of the few works of art I did was A Viagra Case Study, 2000, an four hour long film of a penis on Viagra. Around then it was the big thing and everybody was wanting to try it out, so this film was

      • fighting or debating: Tor Inge Kveum and LIAF (long story made short)
        I wrote a review for the Norwegian magazine about the art festival in lofoten called LIAF . There I was quite hard on the issues of 1999 and 2004, both co-curated by artist Tor Inge Kveum . He wrote an angry letter back, which I am obliged to reply on. Me being without lap top for

      • three norwegian art bloggers
        critic Kjetil Røed:
        kjetilslillerøde /Kjetil blå blogg eller tekster & vekster

        writer André Gali:

        art history student Matias Danbolt
        The Danbolt Building
        I cannot stop wondering if Mathias is somehow related to Art History professor Gunnar Da

      • sjakk sjakk sjakk

        I believe that this evening gave jan the idea of naming his gallery after me - at least the photo is taken this evening in the end of june, sitting outside Gorky Park in Berlin and playing speed chess, I won. Other participants were jan himself (), Lars Morell (), Mr. Kowalski (), an

      • Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006

        Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006
        Installation view Galerie Olaf Stüber
        © Sandra Norrbin

      • Some shows around Europe I would like to see
        there are many, but I will list just a few here:

        Das achte Feld - Geschlechter, Leben und Begehren in der Kunst seit 1960 / The Eight Square - Gender, Life, and desire in Art Since 1960 at Museum Ludwig

        James Turrell - A Life in Light at LTB Foundation


      • Heman Chong
        Finaly Untitled (chong) got a web page where he puts all his works online. The newest is this one:

        Untitled (A woman walks into a multi-storey library. She searches for a man reading "what we talk about when we talk about love" amongst the shelves. She slaps him in the face. He

      • Remembering MoMa and Nasjonalmuseet
        Calvin Tomkins wrote a piece on MoMa for the New Yorker Sept. 25 (small detour; this is the best I-hate-blog I have found. someone is intensely hating this magazine, but still uses a lot, a lot of thinking about and reading it ). Tomkins is almost 80, something you do notice in the article (somehow

      • the best
        I have found the blog I am longing for, the blog I always wanted to read. It got the perfect protagonist: a female young art worker, nerd and buzzÿ bee working hard, in the same part of the world as I. It is updated daily, it is part art world gossip, part serios, part update on the news front, proj

      • some small things. the gallery of the year
        Italy got a new gallery; Citric Gallery in Brescia (where is that?)`
        Not that I understand Italian, but here is what the invitation card state:
        ha il piacere di invitarvi
        all'inugurazione della galleria
        sabato 23 settembre 2006
        ore 18.00

        when your happy, cl

      • The Berlin Test
        After a rather long 3 weeks trip to Copenhagen (assisting Sandra in putting up her installation, or rather: I should have helped her, the installation, 165 m2 of trocellen got lost somewhere between Norway and Copenhagen. DHL does not know where it went. That must be every artists nightmare, when th

      • - free access (bug me not)
        considered to pay money for listings of artists. But still, there is a web portal (or, rather, there are many more than one) that is making money this way. I am thinking of ARTFACTS.NET - The contemporary art guide as they call them selves.
        Could not care less, but if anyone is interested in v

      • google
        so, this blog is now found by the, meaning that this is officially public, there is no way to escape, what I write here you could find without knowing the URL.
        This should come as no suprise, i do publish this online in order to let it be

    • September
      • Copenhagen
        Going to Copenhagen. Haven't been there in almost three years and I am looking very much forward to see some art there again. The reason is Art Copenhagen and the alternative fair ...copenhagen alternative art fair. This first now naming themselves the Nordic Art Fair, and the latter having it

      • In Moment
        Power Ekroth have finally curated a show in Sweden again (I think the last exhibition she made was I could be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky with Lena Malm and Nikolaj Recke in Enkehuset in 2001... I might be mistaken there...).
        This time she did a show in a newly opened kunsthalle far up in N

      • Børre Spaced Out

        © Børre Sæthre

        Press text from Børre Sæthre's exhibition at Participant Inc in NY:

        Known for his immersive environmental installations, Sæthre will transform the gallery and alter aspects of PARTICIPANT INC's physical space as an integral layer of this open-en

      • Josefine Lyche and Lars Morell

        ...are realising a series of collages for the norwegian sculptural biennale (last seen in 2003). It is impossible to find something online about the biennale, but the collages in progress from Lars and Josefine are to be seen here.

      • d21
        D21 , my space in leipzig are experiencing growth problems. We are low on following:
        - cash
        - manpower

        Both are crucial. We got money from EU through a program called Urban to renovate our space. We get 10.000 € if we spend 14.000, so in principal we should have 14.00

    • August
      • texts
        also, I have staring using's services and putting my txt's online (I have never gotten arount to do this my self, but will one day... I hope) :

      • hate
        i HATE both this blog-program and Opera [the web browser, not the singing technique, although I am not to found in that either]. After writing a long, very long update for this blog, I hit the wrong combination of ctr+[another button] and ended up ending opera, of course, the text was not saved and

    • June
      • taking My Stepfather offline
        Yvan Derwéduwé (Belgium) is known for his piece My Stepfather where he shoots his step dad's picture to pieces.
        Now his stepfathers son is threatening to sue him if he does not remove the video of his web site.

        information about the piece here

        to see the video, cl

      • Lofoten
        It is summer and I am back home in Lofoten.
        There is not that much going on here, but I will write about two events that is interesting:

        Stamsund International Theatre Festival

        Lofoten International Art Festival

        more about this later.

      • Jan Christensen- online broad cast
        Please check out this podcast about Jan Christensen's exhibition Forward Momentum.

    • May
      • Hotel Leipzig
        Sabine Lang and Daniel Baumann are installing their hotel project Hotel Everland at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig these days, and it might just be, as the slogan says; the coolest hotel room on earth.
        I would very much like to test out the romantic myth and place it in Lofoten

      • things I didn't know... part 3
        I might be no native english speaker (nor german for that sake), and I guess all that have read this blog notice this.
        I do not however believe that there are language barriers that prevents me from understanding certain texts in english, and especially catalogue texts.
        Now i understand

      • take a walk on the wild side...
        those crazy swedes/danes/french or what ever they are -- not only did they decide to learn Esperanto (who takes time to do such a thing?) and apply the idea of the language to other subjects and transform them into Esperanto Style (A Sit Com, A fast food restaurant etc.), no -- they also had to star

      • Christiane Rekade about Jan Christensen in latest Flash art (hope they don't institute proceedings against me)
        I can imagen Jan being happy about mentioned in Flash Art for the second time in two issues. Also, Jan have a tendensy to get a hard on from thinking about different layers of references, so I can understand that he will be happy about the name dropping of Franz Ackermann and Michel Majerus at the s

      • one more good thing
        Brian Sholis is mentioning that The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. are going to start a program called "Andy Warhol Arts Writing Initiative": where they are going to strengthen the role of the writer in todays contemporary art world.

        This is good news.

      • frieze announces international art writer's prize

        from e-flux:
        frieze announces international art writer's prize

        frieze magazine is launching an art writer's prize to discover and promote new art critics.

        Entrants must submit one 700 word review of a recent contemporary art exhibition. Entries

      • Lars Morell and Josefine Lyche
        two friends of mine has a show in an art space nearby oslo kalled Aksershus Kunstnersenter. They both work with both installation and wall painting. Images from the show is to be seen on Lars Morell's home page.

      • installation views Jan Christensen

        From Power:

        Jan has left the walls to build installations!
        His piece that he has done in different
        versions "Painting Myself Into a Corner"
        has now become a complete sculptural

        Fifteen smaller wallpaintings a

      • Momeuntum 06
        One of the longest living spin off*s from the so-called Nordic miracle, the biennial Momentum, Moss - Norway will this year be seen for the fourth time since 1998.

        Back then it was Swede, present Direcor of Städelschule in Frankfurt, Daniel Birnbaum, Independent Dane Lars Bang Larsen a

      • exit basel...
        and enter Kunsthaus Baselland. They are showing Jan Christensen's exhibition Forward Momentum and I should have been there. The biggest solo show of Jan up to date.

        Jan also got a homepage:

      • The Munch Robberies
        Three out of total six was acquitted. I haven't followed the trial that close - but at he beginning the police and the prosecutors was 100% that all six were going to be sentenced.
        The so-called master mind, Bjørn Hoen, was sentenced to seven years, altough he claimed being playing chess

      • The death of Ola Pehrson
        Ola Pehrson, his wife Lena Gustavsson and two of their three children died in a tragic car crash Good Friday this year. Moderna Museet is inviting everyone to a memorial service on 7th of may - the last day - of the exhibition Moderna Exhibition 2006. Pehrson participated with his work "Hunt fo

      • daft punk is playing in my house (LCD sound system)
        The opening weekend of OY (Obscure Yourself) is over.
        A good opening. The fact that Pierogi, a rather know gallery from NY (Brooklyn) opend a second space in Leipzig made radio stations, tv- channels, magazines and news papers go crazy. I am glad that my small curatorial project was in the bac

    • April
      • back again
        about a year after I started this blog, and after my second 4 months pause, What We Talk About When We Talk About Art - are back.
        There have been no greater changes, but let me update you anyway:

        I am working on a project for Manifesta. Me and artist Heman Chong are going to do a se

  • 2005
    • December
      • Ingvil Aarbakke is dead
        It is sad to hear that Ingvill Aarbakke, one of the two prime members of the Danish [artist] collective N55, died of cancer at the age of 35.
        Read Charles Lock's obituary in The Guardian:

      • things I didn't know... part 2
        with wikipedia I guess that everything is a bit to easy to find out, but still: the word that I looked into today was:

        - Packet Integrated Grouper

        As I understood this is the program and code that makes our internet pages (and blogs) to tell eachother that there are updates - a

      • the turner prize
        The difference between Europe and America is rather large, I know that much, and that some artist that they "over there" find essential might in my view be provinsial or boring. But without being arrrogant, I thought that Simon Starling, the winne of this years Turner Prize, was at least a

      • more chess pieces
        As suprise player of the Word Chess Cup 2005 played 0,5-0,5 against Bareev I found some more pieces of art-chess here in germany (surrealist related of course):
        Takako Saito did several works, here is pictures of two of them:

        - Liqour Chess from 1975
        - Spice Chess from 1966 <

      • The art of chess
        As a spin off the Luhring Augustin Gallery are having a show titled The Art of Chess.

      • Gran Masters of art
        I came over the excellent blog Grammar.police as I was doing my blog-blog for the Norwegian art critic journal It is run by Kriston Capp, who is now writing a blog for Smithsonian American Art Museum named Eye Level.

        One of the first entries is about Ben Davies great r

      • chess
        after a hectic weekend the young Norwegian Grand Master Magnus Carlsen (turned 15 a few days ago) beat his opponent, nineteen year old grand master Ivan Cheparinov after a two rapid rounds of chess. This means that Carlsen have reached not only the fourth round in the tournament and then one of t

      • spector cut + paste magazine
        The Leipzig magazine spectur cut+paste magazine is added to my link list. their first issue came out in 2001 and reached norway with their newspaper-paper, dutch design and fantastic texts. Their second issue came out the summer of 2002, not that great, but a funny interview with Slavoj Zizek.
      • on nothing
        one thing is of course that does not have the highest standards when it comes to conflict of interest, another thing as well it is that I find a perverse interest in reading's diary (called Scene & Herd) - and third thing is that I do have friends writing for them.

      • about subjectivity and google hitrate
        I guess I am not single-minded. I guess that is good. I guess that is less good for my google hit rate. Not that I care. This site is not meant to become a popular blog, or at least I am doing no effort to make it more attractive or easier to reach. I guess that means it is a non-commercial blog? I

      • how's this for a tabloid title: artists are a bit mad and has more sex
        The guardian reports that a new comparative survey shows that artist share some "unusual cognition". They are quite simply a bit mad. And they have twice as many partners as the rest of the population after the age of 18 (in England anyway -- I think up in northern norway where I come from

    • November
      • the death of a gallery
        there have been rumours for a long time: Galleri Wang , one of the flag ships of Norwegian contemporary art, has problems with their economy. A few days ago it became clearer as their two main investors pulled out.

        This is not any longer breaking news in Norway since it was
        one of

      • I hate this
        I just wrote a longer note for the blog -- online for some reason -- and then it disappeared as I posted it.

      • is there anybody out there
        a norwegian art dealer wrote in a student news paper when he was studying art history that [contemporary] art is a surplus (of society). He wrote this in connection to the closing down of a [independent] contemporary art space as the city where he then lived would not support it financially. He was

      • I, geek part II
        the technology blog at guardian are looking into what geeks like. They have seen into the best geek novels written in engslish since 1932 (to my pleasure, The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy won -- they do mention lofoten somewhere in the first part by the way...)

        they are now

      • stanley, stanley, stanley---- let's play
        james wagner points out that there is a new book on stanley kubric.
        and he made a very nice comment about it in his blog pointing out that he probably the last person discovering kubric as a photographer.

        I have watched kubrick films and thought about his work a lot over the past

      • things I didn't know... part 1
        I guess I am sort of out of it, but I learned two minutes ago the origin of the word spam.

      • life and so on
        I guess it was not a great surprise, but I did not get the job at Art in Nordland... they are still looking for a director, so if anyone wants to move above the artic circle and work on contemporary - international, I might add - art. then go to their site and send them an mail. I haven't given

      • Radio telescope - by Glitch Art
        I like it.

      • update to radiodays
        I like the sound of 'radiodays'.
        Have added a static page named 'artlinks: sound and Radio'. There are maybe more sound than radio in there by now, but I liked them all what I had time to hear so far.

        many of the links I found at Magnetic Spirits link site. This

      • new to the blogroll....radiodays
        I was going to blog about the blogs I have updated to my read-list, but I will be writing about art radios and art sound online.

        I guess listening to radio online is nothing new, and I guess there is no surprise in the fact that the only hard core online radio from an art institution I s

      • I, geek
        Making lists are fun, and since I found out that none of my favourite games are on the top ten lists – well, what can I say?

        Not that that is entirely true; half-life, civilization, Lemming, Quake, DOOM, X-COM: UFO DEFENSE, Jet Set Willy (almost forgot that one), Pirates, Star Wars: TIE F

      • We are seriuos
        I once had a very nice job at the local art museum here in leipzig (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst) as a part of the Counter Strike project that SUPERFLEX did there i the beginning of 2003. (go to the home page of Superflex to read more about it).
        My job was very easy; play counter strike wi

      • the return of reto pulfer
        being in berlin last weekend, seeing some shows that was interesting, like Annika Ström at Atle Gerhardsen and Sean Snyder at Galerie Neu -- I went to the "opening" of Knut Henrik Henriksens part of the evolving group exhibition in berlin mitte called Longing Balloons Are Floating Around

      • - conflicts of interest
        it is such a relief to read MAN, and I am very glad every time he touches upon the very delicate subject of and their sloppy editorial work.
        here is another take on the subject.
        I think the reason is that the art world does not have the same look upon conflic of interest that

      • Iron Maiden's
        Cory Arcangel compressed Iron Maides Number of the Beast 666 times as a mp3

      • blog away - a blog exhibition?
        Karl Nyberg - the second half of Sarts - A Critical Point of View pointed out in his more or less last post in their blog project is that the project was ment to be a low-tech, or rather low prestige (as in no prominence and importance). The debates on the blog have becommed more and more serious an

      • blog away - a blog exhibition?
        Karl Nyberg - the second half of Sarts - A Critical Point of View pointed out in his more or less last post in their blog project is that the project was ment to be a low-tech, or rather low prestige (as in no prominence and importance). The debates on the blog have becommed more and more serious an

      • this night will never end
        sorry, I havent been online the last 89 hours or so...
        the frontpage of my friend jan christensens home page shows his work in progress at the modern museum in dublin.

      • It is a sad day indeed...
        the best nordic blog on contemporary art and art criticism Sarts - in swedish - is closing down. The main player, Rikard Ekholm, is glad to have done this as a project. but as he states in his last post states, he has to concentrate on other projects...

      • more about Art in Nordland
        During the project Artistic Interruptions, Art in Nordland has produced 18 new projects, some of them moving into documentary. Several of them is stirring quite some debates either internaly in the municipality where they are done others by the artists themself
        (one project is defined as a fa

      • Bodø
        I am in Bodø - the interview was on friday last, I was the last of three to be interviewed. On saturday the project opened a new sculpture by the Berlin based dane Jeppe Hein. Another interactive sculpture by him. I was thinking that he might need a break/pause from his flipping cubes and moving be

      • ubuntu
        I am looking at the new ubuntu and like what I read. It looks to have many good features that I would like to have - now I just need to find a way to turn of the viritual memory of windows so that I can partitioning (??) my hard disk so that I can still have windows. Now I just need to find a driver

      • linux
        I am fed up with windows. I had to many incidents where I got an error - and it is impossible to find on the windows home page (or hope page) or the descreption of the problem not being anyway near to the actual problem. I am changing to linux.

      • short on oslo
        back in oslo on my way to bodø.
        Looking forward to the interview and to see how they will respond to my ideas on how one can develope Art in Nordland further.

        But oslo:
        there is a number of exhibitions in oslo that is interesting to see - but the one at UKS is not one of them

    • October
      • hacktivism
        this is the Norwegian translation of a French text on how blogs are used as activism software. it is also to be found in original and English language.

      • the thing
        the thing has their own blogs, and this entry is good

      • Tyler Green vs.
        MAN is stil bugging artforum. Here is the third chapter.

      • Exhibitions in Leipzig worth seeing
        thats easy; there are only two of them:
        Tina Schulz at GfZK and the group exhibition From Brooklyn at Dogenhaus Galerie. It looks like the Director, Jochen Hempel is more at home in his new, industrial, 300sqm, space. Of the three exhibitions that have been so far I have only seen two and bot

      • leipzig
        Re-reading part of my own blog I am aware of the fact that spending most my time in Leipzig, I write most about Oslo - and rest of Norway. Now, I am Norwegian and most of my friends etc. are in Oslo, so it is maybe not so strange. Another thing is that compared to Oslo, Leipzig is a boring place to

      • Zurich er
        liten, ca. 350.000 innbyggere.
        multinasjonal og multinspråklig. Med det siste mener jeg ikke nødvendigvis at mennesker fra flere forskjellige nasjoner bor der bare det at man i sveits nødvendigvis snakker tysk, fransk, kanskje italiensk og veldig ofte bedre engelsk enn en gjennomsnittilig nord

      • nedko solakov
        er i zurich og ser en utstilling av Nedko Solakov på Kunsthaus Zurich.
        det er en veldig stor utstilling - 99 verk, men bare på 30 kvadrat. Han har valgt å stille ut verk som de syv galleriene som han jobber med ikke har greid å selge. Det er en veldig uvanlig utstilling å se da den befatter se

      • freeky, debates about curators in norway
        ok, I am calm despite the fact that I am going to my first job interview ever!
        The project Art in Nordland that was initiated by the County of Nordland after they successfully did the Art Scape Nordland in the nineties.

        The first director was Per Gunnar Tverbakk - city son of Bodø t

      • Monkey Island vs. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
        Why did Monkey Island I and II have such a major success? The first one was hilariously funny and played with both slap stick and word plays (jumping off a cliff and bouncing back again by hitting a rubber three or that a monkey can be made into a (monkey) wrench to close the waterfall. Also some of

      • Art Criticism in Norway
        I think that the art criticism of norway has seen better days. Even though there are an inflation of criticts – and there have never been more magazines (Billedkunst as a major news magazine with criticism, the online focusing on weekly criticism from domestic as well as abroad exhib

      • Green and ArtForum
        Tyler Green is again attacking, or rather questioning the integrety of those writing for ArtForum when he - and rightfully so - concludes that Jack Bankowsky should not have written a piece about art fairs for the magazine due to personal relationship with one of the founders of The Armory Show i

      • King's Quest VIII - Mask of Eternity
        Finished playing KQ8 today. I got it at my local libary here in Leipzig - which is greatI

        But for the game I am not so thrilled - am only used to the old type of sierra adventures where typing in what one wants to say or to be done - and I have played one Space Quest as they became mouse

      • back again
        changed address for this blog from to - and in doing so we (me and aksel, the guy setting up this site) didn't have accsess to the site anymore, and it took about 3,5 months before the company that is administrating this could giv

    • June
      • gamez, abandonwarez etc.
        Pris: Must get lonely here, J.F.
        J.F. Sebastian: Not really. I MAKE friends. They're toys. My friends are toys.
        I make them. It's a hobby. I'm a genetic designer.
        Blade Runner

        Nå når jeg har en fin ny computer har jeg prøvd å ta ned noen av de spillene jeg v

      • There are some things I am thinking about...
        right now - and that is writing about the Tom Sandberg exhibition in [ur=]The Festival of North Norway 2005[/url]. I loved the exhibition he had at A/F Museum in Oslo in 2000 and I have for a rather long time wanted to write about him. Now, I am in northern Norway at the sam

      • more and more, we have the feeling that, we are getting no where...
        I am not writing as many posts for this blog as I feel I should. Part of this is due to the fact that I am
        working full time as a tourist guide in my home district, Lofoten, that I am writing a blog for the norwegian online art magazine
        There is no excuse to blame the int

      • lofoten
        back to english writing. I am also back in lofoten - home sweet home. Oslo was nice, have seen alot of what is going on in the art scene there and I am not that impressed thinking about it - and funny enough; i do think there is just about as much interesting things going on in Northern norway. Ok,

    • May
      • merkelig
        Jeg har nå relativt uregelmessig skrevet i denne bloggen for litt over en måned (stemmer det?) - og utgangspunktet er å ha en plass å gå til når jeg ikke har lyst til å skrive mer eller ikke kommer fremover med det jeg skriver på eller når jeg er frustrert etc. altså en samleplass for tanker som kan

      • Psychedelic Norway
        after starting to putting my proposals out on the net - here is the one for Vårutstillingen. It is the raw version and some small things changed as a part of the dialog with the jury - who in the end choose another proposal. I havent seen the exhibition, it was taken down before I got to Oslo, so I

      • refusals
        merkelig. jeg er ikke kurator, men jeg merker det er en del små ting som jeg veldig gjerne vil relatere til det jeg driver på med. Derfor søkte jeg på vårutstillingen 05 (et knappt avslag, men dog et avslag), VU2006 og jeg har også søkt nordisk kulturråd om støtte til et prosjekt som heter The Alter

        glemte å legge ut forslaget jeg sendte til VU2006. tror ikke de tar det, men likevel. her er det. Det er sammen med Margit Aasarmoen.

        Torsdag, 9. April, 2005, 19:23 – konsept av Margit Åsarmoen og Leif Magne Tangen, for Vestlandsutstillingen 2006

        stat (gje

      • "I am not going to blog this"
        Found this at Alex Halavais after reading throung jill/txt about not blogging - funny

      • Oddly Enough
        Jeg kan veldig gjerne like Reuters side Oddly Enough . Den er full av merkelige historier om hva og hvordan, gjerne sett med et litt vestlig zoologisk skjevt blikk på resten av verden. En av de merkeligste tingene som de meldte om de siste dagene er Silent 'Piano Man' poses beach riddle.

      • smallstuff
        There are a lot of things I wanted to write about like the opening and the last two exhibitions at the GfZK , and all the gallery openings in Baumwollspinnerei here in Leipzig. I wanted to write a txt about the catalogue to Cultural Territories since it more or less parallel my staying here in Le

      • Tagging art in Herford
        MARTa , now that was a strange museum. After arriving there on Friday last for an interview with Cai Guo-Qiang there was an opening on Saturday with a lot of energy. The museum itself is initiated of the kitchen and furniture industry in Herford. They wanted a schaufenster for their collection and

    • April
      • Good for Oslo
        There is a few things going on in Oslo right now – the never ending discussion of the role of the national museum of contemporary art (back in the nineties the discussion was on the german and later Norwegian director, now the museum is restructured and the national museum is including not only the

      • Kadoya Japan.
        I got a travel grant from the Norwegian Art Critic Association, to go to the island Naoshima (Naoshima ), which is very fucking nice for several reasons.
        I do really want to go there to see what the Benesse Corporation is doing out there. This mainly because I am involved as some sort of ‚lo

      • I have no theory about this text (Annika Ström)
        After seeing the Funky lesion exhibition in at BüroFriedrich in Berlin last autumn I have been thinking a little bit about the exhibition. I do not know why. Or I did not know why until I stumbled over the catalogue the other. It seems that not only is there a catalogue, but the exhibition did wande

      • Never Mistake Motion For Action
        Det er merkelig dette med kunstkritikk i Norge. Det er mange som skriver kunstkritikk på siden av å gjøre andre ting, eller for lettere kunne gjøre andre ting. Entanglements kan man si på engelsk – på norsk å gå amok i et vannglass. Man kan si at det er en veldig enkel grunn for hvorfor man skriver

        I have decided to submit a proposal for the Vestlandsutstillingen for 2006 with the working title WE LOVE THE STATE (Norwegian title above). The only problem is that I have to find someone that is willing to participate on this as there have to be a curator group of at least two persons.

      • The very first entry -
        was today. For a long time now I have been writing on art on the side on my own laptop - this additional to all the mailing. Now, in January my laptop was stolen, without me having any backup – everything is gone, from texts that I have written or being in the making of, to those thinks mentioned ab