The Berlin Test 
After a rather long 3 weeks trip to Copenhagen (assisting Sandra in putting up her installation, or rather: I should have helped her, the installation, 165 m2 of trocellen got lost somewhere between Norway and Copenhagen. DHL does not know where it went. That must be every artists nightmare, when the works is lost in transport just before the opening. Luckily she had with her some installation shots of the initial work and managed to get two 125x175 cm photographs up on the wall 5 minutes before the press arrived.
these two:

At hålla samman / Keeping it together
© Sandra Norrbin 2005

Sandra also participated in a group show called Emergency Room at Galerie Olaf Stüber
Galerie Olaf Stüber.
see their blog for pictures of the installation called Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006

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considered to pay money for listings of artists. But still, there is a web portal (or, rather, there are many more than one) that is making money this way. I am thinking of ARTFACTS.NET - The contemporary art guide as they call them selves.
Could not care less, but if anyone is interested in viewing their own position, please use this free Username: Berlin2006175udb combined with this free Password: gogmanab. It is valid until November 1, 2006


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so, this blog is now found by the, meaning that this is officially public, there is no way to escape, what I write here you could find without knowing the URL.
This should come as no suprise, i do publish this online in order to let it be possible
to find it. Also I do link to a rather many different web pages in this blog and that is tracable,
As well I have told a few people about this blog, in other words, not making a secret over this.
But still it was quite a interesting experience to have someone I know, which I did write about (mistake) finding the blog by searching her/his own name.

This learned me two things I should be thinking about:
- do inform everybody that I write about that I did so. good rule.
- be aware that what I write will be online for a long time and in this sense out of my control.

more to come on this subject later.

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Going to Copenhagen. Haven't been there in almost three years and I am looking very much forward to see some art there again. The reason is Art Copenhagen and the alternative fair ...copenhagen alternative art fair. This first now naming themselves the Nordic Art Fair, and the latter having it first time around this weekend. Except from CirculationsCentralen from Malmö and magazine Pist Protta founded in 1981 and run by Jesper Fabricius - I see no particular interesting participants. We'll see.
Also, to read about the Danish art scene, Kopenhagen is the best medium. Written in Danish.

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In Moment 
Power Ekroth have finally curated a show in Sweden again (I think the last exhibition she made was I could be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky with Lena Malm and Nikolaj Recke in Enkehuset in 2001... I might be mistaken there...).
This time she did a show in a newly opened kunsthalle far up in Northern Sweden; Skellefteå Konsthall.
The exhibition is called In Moment and features Pierre Bismuth, Gabriel Lester, Johan Thurfjell and Clemens von Wedemeyer - they all uses slide projectors.
She got a stunning review in the local newspaper. He does not understand anything, he stares at the exhibition as well as the text power has written and feels pushed out of the open and discursive public project that an art hall is, or should be. Only third time reading it did he understand the meaning of
"one of them received an Academy Award for best original screenplay for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".
that’s fine.
He also feels insecure about the meaning of the term 'narrative structures'.
that is also fine.
he feels stupid since this exhibition did get a lot of media attention (as if that is something important).
All this is fine, and I do appreciate the fact that Contemporary art is something that is not easily accessible to all. The problem with this article is, and it is written in a good mixture of gonzo and essay form, that he doesn’t even try to understand. There is not the slightest try to produce nothing but a good text that says; this is bad because I do not understand it. By no means does this text even try to go beyond and discover what might be hidden in the exhibition, small hints and suggestions, there is nothing but contempt towards contemporary art, and I do think that this is a typical stand that the media in Scandinavia holds. They do not even try to write texts that enlighten their readers just a single bit, and thus they, in my opinion, does not do a proper job – they think that their readers is either a) stupid or b) not interested, and thus this populist way of writing about it. Sad but true. Someone should address this to the state of the media in our part of the world.

Anyway, below there are some installation views, all taken by Power Ekroth.

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