The Munch Robberies 
Three out of total six was acquitted. I haven't followed the trial that close - but at he beginning the police and the prosecutors was 100% that all six were going to be sentenced.
The so-called master mind, Bj°rn Hoen, was sentenced to seven years, altough he claimed being playing chess against Norwegian chess wonder Magnus Carlsen one of the days before the bold daylight robbery.
I just found this sort of funny because just one and a half month ago the end of the NOKAS (Norwegian Cash Service) trial Mastermind and according to the tabloid papers in Norway a devoted chess player at early age, David Toska was Sentenced to 19 years of prison.
I cannot remember how, but there are a link between the men involved both robberies.

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The death of Ola Pehrson 
Ola Pehrson, his wife Lena Gustavsson and two of their three children died in a tragic car crash Good Friday this year. Moderna Museet is inviting everyone to a memorial service on 7th of may - the last day - of the exhibition Moderna Exhibition 2006. Pehrson participated with his work "Hunt for the Una Bomber". This piece was also to be seen at the last Istanbul Biennial.

Pehrson was earlier selected to represent Sweden in the forthcoming Sao Paulo Biennial , and the participation will be followed out.

The tragic news has sent shock waves through the whole Scandinavian art community. I only hope that the memorial service in less than one week will be well attended (I am sure) and that his surviving child will get the support needed in the time to come.

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daft punk is playing in my house (LCD sound system) 
The opening weekend of OY (Obscure Yourself) is over.
A good opening. The fact that Pierogi, a rather know gallery from NY (Brooklyn) opend a second space in Leipzig made radio stations, tv- channels, magazines and news papers go crazy. I am glad that my small curatorial project was in the back and not know to all those. Joe, Jason and Christina was doing nothing but giving interviews. I on the other hand could just be there.

Not that being there was very pleasant. People went bananas with the sound installation of Brian and Leon Dewan named Dewantron.... see here the press text from the exhibition in Brooklyn. It is a very nice installation and Leon and Brian makes great music. It is just that the instruments seen on the photos are interactive - and people tend to
a) find the most annoying sound
b) max the volume.
This made me frequently pump up the volume for the video program.
Thus, in order to have a decent conversation one had to yell.
After nine hours of that you want to do something radical. Like killing some visitors. Kick a wall.
I chose to get insanely drunk. That helped - until the next day.

Photos from the opening and from the installation will be up on the web site before the end of this week.

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back again 
about a year after I started this blog, and after my second 4 months pause, What We Talk About When We Talk About Art - are back.
There have been no greater changes, but let me update you anyway:

I am working on a project for Manifesta. Me and artist Heman Chong are going to do a seminar where the students are going to write a science fiction novel. Looking forward to this. For that I we are doing a small READER called Untitled (Excerpts #01) - And we are looking for people with science fiction interest. If are interested, or know anyone that are, do not hesitate to contact me.

I will keep you updated on this.

Further, I have started a small non-for-profit kunstverein here in Leipzig called D21 (web page will be up and running in a few days). The first exhibition will be Obscure Yourself.

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Ingvil Aarbakke is dead 
It is sad to hear that Ingvill Aarbakke, one of the two prime members of the Danish [artist] collective N55, died of cancer at the age of 35.
Read Charles Lock's obituary in The Guardian: ... 36,00.html

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