I, geek part II 
the technology blog at guardian are looking into what geeks like. They have seen into the best geek novels written in engslish since 1932 (to my pleasure, The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy won -- they do mention lofoten somewhere in the first part by the way...)

they are now asking what is the best geek movie ever. I guess I'm a geek, so here is my list, out of sequence;

- Flåklypa Grand Prix
best norwegian film ever made

Kon Tiki
the second best norwegian film ever made. byt thor heyerdahl.

(it is listed in the international movie data base as a feel good movie, and I have to admit, it's been a while since I saw it (1993 to be accurat), but me I remenber all the technical details of the robot and what daryl could do.

photos made in to film. great, and the foundation for twelve monkeys

The Matrix
great film, it makes you question some of the things about alice in wonderland.

you do know why it is called 2001?

set in 2000, and the reason for why stanley kubrick set his Odyssey in the following year.

Dr. Strangelove
funny way of talking about the bomb.


I still love the way the made the water live inside the sub (or what it was...)

Lawnmower man
that is true, a great way of making a not so great stephen king novell into film. really great.

Blade Runner
It bug's me that it is almost impossible to get hold of the original cut. the directur's cut is just crap, they ruined the whole film.

not the made understandable from the beginning of this century but the original

Indiana Jones (the last one more than the two others)

(almost forgott this one... it is there, and it is ---well, great)

Ghost in the shell
maga at its best

Ok this goes on, but I am going to stop here.

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stanley, stanley, stanley---- let's play 
james wagner points out that there is a new book on stanley kubric.
and he made a very nice comment about it in his blog pointing out that he probably the last person discovering kubric as a photographer.

I have watched kubrick films and thought about his work a lot over the past five or so years, I once was thinking on doing an exhibition on artist and art works that related to his films- but we never came longer than the idee and some research.

I haven't been writing so much on kubrick either, one of the few texts published is written together with the norwegian artist øystein aasan . This was for the berlin magazine neue review - the magazine is edited by art critic raimar stange and artist dave allen.
We did write the text for the exhibition on kubrick when it was shown in berlin late last year/ beginning of this year.

I think that what is most facinating with this film maker is his ability to transform or develope (going from being some one that did not read to a profound reader, from being a photographer to being a major hollywood film maker etc.) and his way of dealing with archiving (archiving is always a 'problem'). Not to mention that he played chess very well.

ps. do play on freechess.org I am apxtangen, the same goes for gameknot.com/chess.

let's play

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new to the blogroll....radiodays 
I was going to blog about the blogs I have updated to my read-list, but I will be writing about art radios and art sound online.

I guess listening to radio online is nothing new, and I guess there is no surprise in the fact that the only hard core online radio from an art institution I stumbled over (not looking for it) was from USA.
here are the few links I had time to listen to until now;

wps1 art radio

kunstradio (NB! german)

radiodays this is the traditional end- project/exhibition for the curator students at de appe in the netherlands. It is a four week radio program earlier this year. Although it is not ongoing it has an archive, and some of the interviews is very interesting, altough a bit "european curator mainstream" (Obrist, Birnbaum, Vidokle--since he's doing the next manifesta - but nothing to shame, I did it too, altough, that was before he became curator of above mentioned biennial).

Most important is maybe Seth Siegelaub on day 18.

new american radio not so much radio, but sound art

brainwashed radio not so much art, but very good music

update 23.november:
it is not that easy to find good art-related sound sites (and radio almost impossible), but
Art Radio Seattle is (not my style, but..) relevant.
I listened through the whole 10.november with 25 highlights from 150 works - and Enjoyed it.

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Iron Maiden's  
Cory Arcangel compressed Iron Maides Number of the Beast 666 times as a mp3

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blog away - a blog exhibition? 
Karl Nyberg - the second half of Sarts - A Critical Point of View pointed out in his more or less last post in their blog project is that the project was ment to be a low-tech, or rather low prestige (as in no prominence and importance). The debates on the blog have becommed more and more serious and this makes me think:
what is a blog for the contemporary art world? - do you really want a blog to be seen? if not, then why put your thoughts online?
but it seems that many uses the publishing tools that the blog's can offer to do certain projects and that is acctually interesting. I would like to do a blog-project.
not so much into contemporary art is tryign to understand net-art, or make net art do bad contemporary art (a interview I did with him, Anton Vidokle of e-flux, pointed out to me that a lot of net art is not very interesting - and what they did - and are doing at e-flux is relating to other subjects but on the net ).
also the german Kunst Blog is using these tools to do something else (more or less a magazine for texts on art).

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