freeky, debates about curators in norway 
ok, I am calm despite the fact that I am going to my first job interview ever!
The project Art in Nordland that was initiated by the County of Nordland after they successfully did the Art Scape Nordland in the nineties.

The first director was Per Gunnar Tverbakk - city son of Bod° that studied fine arts at the Arts Academy in Bergen, and after that did run the indepentend space Otto Plonk mid- end nineties in the same city (and thus being one of those defining and shaping the norwegian art scene through that decade). After that time he became the Artistic Director of Kunstnernes Hus in 2001/02. After he stepped down - and after a hard internal debate they never ever employed someone else in this "curator" position, they (the artist in norway) felt that all what they have been fighting for was being taken over by the powerfull curator (and thus ignoring the fact that most of they they called "curator" in fact where artists that wanted to organize some shows for their friends and through this became trained and skilled. Most curators in norway where untill beginning of 2000...artists).

but anyway - they are seeking a ''nachfolger'', and me being one of them that might get the job. me happy.

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Art Criticism in Norway 
I think that the art criticism of norway has seen better days. Even though there are an inflation of criticts ľ and there have never been more magazines (Billedkunst as a major news magazine with criticism, the online focusing on weekly criticism from domestic as well as abroad exhibitions and the magazine Kunst focusing on texts on exhibitions as well as shorter artist presentations) there is a decline or in quality ľ or maybe; not enough development according to the rising demands of the world of art.
Another thing is that there seems to be no own scene in any city besides Oslo although there might be art going on there. Now I know that this is not really true, there are some writing about art in Bergen and even in Stavanger, but they do not have an own try to publish, and no one reads it.
This is to bad, Both Stavanger and Bergen as well as maybe Trondheim should have their own magazine, if not permanently then just something that defines a generation of artist and art critics as well as curators in one town.

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