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      • Ingvil Aarbakke is dead
        It is sad to hear that Ingvill Aarbakke, one of the two prime members of the Danish [artist] collective N55, died of cancer at the age of 35.
        Read Charles Lock's obituary in The Guardian:

      • things I didn't know... part 2
        with wikipedia I guess that everything is a bit to easy to find out, but still: the word that I looked into today was:

        - Packet Integrated Grouper

        As I understood this is the program and code that makes our internet pages (and blogs) to tell eachother that there are updates - a

      • the turner prize
        The difference between Europe and America is rather large, I know that much, and that some artist that they "over there" find essential might in my view be provinsial or boring. But without being arrrogant, I thought that Simon Starling, the winne of this years Turner Prize, was at least a

      • more chess pieces
        As suprise player of the Word Chess Cup 2005 played 0,5-0,5 against Bareev I found some more pieces of art-chess here in germany (surrealist related of course):
        Takako Saito did several works, here is pictures of two of them:

        - Liqour Chess from 1975
        - Spice Chess from 1966 <

      • The art of chess
        As a spin off the Luhring Augustin Gallery are having a show titled The Art of Chess.

      • Gran Masters of art
        I came over the excellent blog Grammar.police as I was doing my blog-blog for the Norwegian art critic journal It is run by Kriston Capp, who is now writing a blog for Smithsonian American Art Museum named Eye Level.

        One of the first entries is about Ben Davies great r

      • chess
        after a hectic weekend the young Norwegian Grand Master Magnus Carlsen (turned 15 a few days ago) beat his opponent, nineteen year old grand master Ivan Cheparinov after a two rapid rounds of chess. This means that Carlsen have reached not only the fourth round in the tournament and then one of t

      • spector cut + paste magazine
        The Leipzig magazine spectur cut+paste magazine is added to my link list. their first issue came out in 2001 and reached norway with their newspaper-paper, dutch design and fantastic texts. Their second issue came out the summer of 2002, not that great, but a funny interview with Slavoj Zizek.
      • on nothing
        one thing is of course that does not have the highest standards when it comes to conflict of interest, another thing as well it is that I find a perverse interest in reading's diary (called Scene & Herd) - and third thing is that I do have friends writing for them.

      • about subjectivity and google hitrate
        I guess I am not single-minded. I guess that is good. I guess that is less good for my google hit rate. Not that I care. This site is not meant to become a popular blog, or at least I am doing no effort to make it more attractive or easier to reach. I guess that means it is a non-commercial blog? I

      • how's this for a tabloid title: artists are a bit mad and has more sex
        The guardian reports that a new comparative survey shows that artist share some "unusual cognition". They are quite simply a bit mad. And they have twice as many partners as the rest of the population after the age of 18 (in England anyway -- I think up in northern norway where I come from

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