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      • leipzig, china, art - what ever.
        Since I cannot link to a certain blog out there (that is just so stupid, why do you have a blog if it is not allowed to link to it?), anyway, I have some of my best reads going through the posts, and in the middle of a biennale, it is clear that the art worlds are not plagued with one, but two trend

      • the earth belonged to the martians...
        Setting my pandora on "punk" radio (the stupid thing played gorillaz as the first tune, I was looking for something a bit more... hard core), anyway, I skipped that and then this started playing. Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of The Worlds was one of my favorits when I was in

      • Why I blog/ write / what ever
        Just wrote a text about reading, why I read so to say, and I have never read in order to write, but reading is necessary if one wants to write.
        Anyway, this blog and I have come a long way in terms of time; never have I so often written something to no one as the last year and a half -- or so I

      • Pontus Hultén dies at 82
        I have heard a lot about Hultén, the one who made Moderna Museet the place we all would like it to be (it is not, not really) - or?
        It is always strange when heroes and known people dies, so also with Pontus Hultén, who died not many days ago. He will be remembered as long as the term Contempor

        Now, I love the writings of Jerry Saltz, did I mentioned that? Well, I do, don't I. Although pushing the limits of logic, I very much enjoyed reading his "NO NEXT CHELSEA" in the October issue of Modern Painters. He applies Darwinist methodology on the art scene by claiming not only t

      • some thouhgts
        During the job interview I had the night before last, some interesting subjects were brought up: why does so many curators/critics etc. turn commercial? why not be in a institution and then just work their way through life having different jobs?
        There are some disadvantages working for some in

      • Forgot: Unitednationsplaza
        M6 was cancelled. Nobody can deny that, but the ideas used in the making of are in circulation still. One of the largest onces are founder of e-flux : Anton Vidokle (hear radio-interview here (as a part of a project form the curator-students in Amsterdam last year)).

        His project in Berlin

      • Thinking Worlds
        Now, this I can like, a biennale that makes a canon of philosophy before the actuall exhibition with half a year! would love to be there, will check out what tickets costs.

        "Thinking Worlds" - An International Symposium on
        Philosophy, Politics, and A

      • how about a review?
        I have many times claimed that Tommy Olsson is a great writer, but t I am not sure if I consider him an art critic. But reading Aftenposten's main critic, Lotte Sandberg's review of the exhibition Fantastic Politics: Art in Times of Political Crisis, I understand why I just might be force

      • What went wrong Mr. Putin?

        The Girl Has A Date, 2006, colour photo, 140 x 100 cm
        Blue Noses Group

        A few days ago, this blog (that I am not allowed to linkthat I am not allowed to link to ) pointed out that Matthew Brown (the art dealer) was hold by the police for several hours and was not allowed to taki

      • Spiral Jetty

        thanks goes to Tyler Green's modern and contemporary art blog
        (he got it from off center).

      • since last
        OCA gives out the second Edward Munch award. (very good choice).

        Jan Mot have series of screenings organized by Nina Möntmann

        Swede living in Norway Artist turned Critic Tommy Olsson goes berserk in London (Norwegian only)

        jill mentioned a interactive art work at

      • update/ museum blogging
        A few days since last post. Was near two times, but one I manage to erased myself (on museum-blogging in Europe and elsewhere, I discovered no museum blogs in Europe, although going through quite a few museum sites, some museums had own TV- channels online (GfZK Leipzig), some had own pod-casts ( B

      • Guy and relative stuff
        A taxi driver in the UK named Guy Goma went to the BBC for a job interview. Wail waiting someone from the BBC came looking for Guy Kewney, and IT specialist that was going to say his about the conclusion of the Apple Computer vs. Apple Records lawsuit. They found Goma, he ended up on TV live. The ta

      • sitemap
        Heman Chong got this cool sitemap - go to main page and scroll down. I wanted that too, so I followed the link on his page and got an image of this page. the problems came when I tried to make a jpg out of the java. I tried screenshot - could not find the clip board on my lap top, I tried to downlo

      • nothing to do?
        11 (now, that's ADHD)

      • I have nothing to say, and I am saying it
        In an text I wrote about the art biennial in Lofoten (LIAF) I claimed that two of the earlier issues (the 1999 and 2004 one) was both a disaster. The text is in Norwegian language if anyone wonder.
        The co-curator of both 1999 and 2004 LIAF - Norwegian artist Tor Inge Kveum replied (can be rea

      • Art Review goes digital
        Art Review goes online and offers obviously subscription, because it is for free the first six issues if you register. That should mean that it is either cheaper than the printed issue or completely different to the printed issue, but both is a problem in general; if the printed and the online issue

      • seminar workshop in norway: A Framework for Modern Cultural Activism: Does Art Create A Public Sphere in Itself?
        Seminar and workshop, Saturday, Oct. 21, 10:30 AM -- 4:00 PM
        The National Museum, 8th floor lecture hall. Kristian Augustgate 23.
        Free entrance. Light lunch served.
        Relevant texts can be downloaded in advance from the National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings' website:
      • on sex etc.
        I was an artist once (might just become one again in order to apply for grants from Norway).
        One of the few works of art I did was A Viagra Case Study, 2000, an four hour long film of a penis on Viagra. Around then it was the big thing and everybody was wanting to try it out, so this film was

      • fighting or debating: Tor Inge Kveum and LIAF (long story made short)
        I wrote a review for the Norwegian magazine about the art festival in lofoten called LIAF . There I was quite hard on the issues of 1999 and 2004, both co-curated by artist Tor Inge Kveum . He wrote an angry letter back, which I am obliged to reply on. Me being without lap top for

      • three norwegian art bloggers
        critic Kjetil Rřed:
        kjetilslillerřde /Kjetil blĺ blogg eller tekster & vekster

        writer André Gali:

        art history student Matias Danbolt
        The Danbolt Building
        I cannot stop wondering if Mathias is somehow related to Art History professor Gunnar Da

      • sjakk sjakk sjakk

        I believe that this evening gave jan the idea of naming his gallery after me - at least the photo is taken this evening in the end of june, sitting outside Gorky Park in Berlin and playing speed chess, I won. Other participants were jan himself (), Lars Morell (), Mr. Kowalski (), an

      • Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006

        Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006
        Installation view Galerie Olaf Stüber
        © Sandra Norrbin

      • Some shows around Europe I would like to see
        there are many, but I will list just a few here:

        Das achte Feld - Geschlechter, Leben und Begehren in der Kunst seit 1960 / The Eight Square - Gender, Life, and desire in Art Since 1960 at Museum Ludwig

        James Turrell - A Life in Light at LTB Foundation


      • Heman Chong
        Finaly Untitled (chong) got a web page where he puts all his works online. The newest is this one:

        Untitled (A woman walks into a multi-storey library. She searches for a man reading "what we talk about when we talk about love" amongst the shelves. She slaps him in the face. He

      • Remembering MoMa and Nasjonalmuseet
        Calvin Tomkins wrote a piece on MoMa for the New Yorker Sept. 25 (small detour; this is the best I-hate-blog I have found. someone is intensely hating this magazine, but still uses a lot, a lot of thinking about and reading it ). Tomkins is almost 80, something you do notice in the article (somehow

      • the best
        I have found the blog I am longing for, the blog I always wanted to read. It got the perfect protagonist: a female young art worker, nerd and buzz˙ bee working hard, in the same part of the world as I. It is updated daily, it is part art world gossip, part serios, part update on the news front, proj

      • some small things. the gallery of the year
        Italy got a new gallery; Citric Gallery in Brescia (where is that?)`
        Not that I understand Italian, but here is what the invitation card state:
        ha il piacere di invitarvi
        all'inugurazione della galleria
        sabato 23 settembre 2006
        ore 18.00

        when your happy, cl

      • The Berlin Test
        After a rather long 3 weeks trip to Copenhagen (assisting Sandra in putting up her installation, or rather: I should have helped her, the installation, 165 m2 of trocellen got lost somewhere between Norway and Copenhagen. DHL does not know where it went. That must be every artists nightmare, when th

      • - free access (bug me not)
        considered to pay money for listings of artists. But still, there is a web portal (or, rather, there are many more than one) that is making money this way. I am thinking of ARTFACTS.NET - The contemporary art guide as they call them selves.
        Could not care less, but if anyone is interested in v

      • google
        so, this blog is now found by the, meaning that this is officially public, there is no way to escape, what I write here you could find without knowing the URL.
        This should come as no suprise, i do publish this online in order to let it be

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