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      • hacktivism
        this is the Norwegian translation of a French text on how blogs are used as activism software. it is also to be found in original and English language.

      • the thing
        the thing has their own blogs, and this entry is good

      • Tyler Green vs.
        MAN is stil bugging artforum. Here is the third chapter.

      • Exhibitions in Leipzig worth seeing
        thats easy; there are only two of them:
        Tina Schulz at GfZK and the group exhibition From Brooklyn at Dogenhaus Galerie. It looks like the Director, Jochen Hempel is more at home in his new, industrial, 300sqm, space. Of the three exhibitions that have been so far I have only seen two and bot

      • leipzig
        Re-reading part of my own blog I am aware of the fact that spending most my time in Leipzig, I write most about Oslo - and rest of Norway. Now, I am Norwegian and most of my friends etc. are in Oslo, so it is maybe not so strange. Another thing is that compared to Oslo, Leipzig is a boring place to

      • Zurich er
        liten, ca. 350.000 innbyggere.
        multinasjonal og multinspråklig. Med det siste mener jeg ikke nødvendigvis at mennesker fra flere forskjellige nasjoner bor der bare det at man i sveits nødvendigvis snakker tysk, fransk, kanskje italiensk og veldig ofte bedre engelsk enn en gjennomsnittilig nord

      • nedko solakov
        er i zurich og ser en utstilling av Nedko Solakov på Kunsthaus Zurich.
        det er en veldig stor utstilling - 99 verk, men bare på 30 kvadrat. Han har valgt å stille ut verk som de syv galleriene som han jobber med ikke har greid å selge. Det er en veldig uvanlig utstilling å se da den befatter se

      • freeky, debates about curators in norway
        ok, I am calm despite the fact that I am going to my first job interview ever!
        The project Art in Nordland that was initiated by the County of Nordland after they successfully did the Art Scape Nordland in the nineties.

        The first director was Per Gunnar Tverbakk - city son of Bodø t

      • Monkey Island vs. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
        Why did Monkey Island I and II have such a major success? The first one was hilariously funny and played with both slap stick and word plays (jumping off a cliff and bouncing back again by hitting a rubber three or that a monkey can be made into a (monkey) wrench to close the waterfall. Also some of

      • Art Criticism in Norway
        I think that the art criticism of norway has seen better days. Even though there are an inflation of criticts – and there have never been more magazines (Billedkunst as a major news magazine with criticism, the online focusing on weekly criticism from domestic as well as abroad exhib

      • Green and ArtForum
        Tyler Green is again attacking, or rather questioning the integrety of those writing for ArtForum when he - and rightfully so - concludes that Jack Bankowsky should not have written a piece about art fairs for the magazine due to personal relationship with one of the founders of The Armory Show i

      • King's Quest VIII - Mask of Eternity
        Finished playing KQ8 today. I got it at my local libary here in Leipzig - which is greatI

        But for the game I am not so thrilled - am only used to the old type of sierra adventures where typing in what one wants to say or to be done - and I have played one Space Quest as they became mouse

      • back again
        changed address for this blog from to - and in doing so we (me and aksel, the guy setting up this site) didn't have accsess to the site anymore, and it took about 3,5 months before the company that is administrating this could giv

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