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      • Copenhagen
        Going to Copenhagen. Haven't been there in almost three years and I am looking very much forward to see some art there again. The reason is Art Copenhagen and the alternative fair ...copenhagen alternative art fair. This first now naming themselves the Nordic Art Fair, and the latter having it

      • In Moment
        Power Ekroth have finally curated a show in Sweden again (I think the last exhibition she made was I could be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky with Lena Malm and Nikolaj Recke in Enkehuset in 2001... I might be mistaken there...).
        This time she did a show in a newly opened kunsthalle far up in N

      • Børre Spaced Out

        © Børre Sæthre

        Press text from Børre Sæthre's exhibition at Participant Inc in NY:

        Known for his immersive environmental installations, Sæthre will transform the gallery and alter aspects of PARTICIPANT INC's physical space as an integral layer of this open-en

      • Josefine Lyche and Lars Morell

        ...are realising a series of collages for the norwegian sculptural biennale (last seen in 2003). It is impossible to find something online about the biennale, but the collages in progress from Lars and Josefine are to be seen here.

      • d21
        D21 , my space in leipzig are experiencing growth problems. We are low on following:
        - cash
        - manpower

        Both are crucial. We got money from EU through a program called Urban to renovate our space. We get 10.000 € if we spend 14.000, so in principal we should have 14.00

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