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      • gamez, abandonwarez etc.
        Pris: Must get lonely here, J.F.
        J.F. Sebastian: Not really. I MAKE friends. They're toys. My friends are toys.
        I make them. It's a hobby. I'm a genetic designer.
        Blade Runner

        Nå når jeg har en fin ny computer har jeg prøvd å ta ned noen av de spillene jeg v

      • There are some things I am thinking about...
        right now - and that is writing about the Tom Sandberg exhibition in [ur=]The Festival of North Norway 2005[/url]. I loved the exhibition he had at A/F Museum in Oslo in 2000 and I have for a rather long time wanted to write about him. Now, I am in northern Norway at the sam

      • more and more, we have the feeling that, we are getting no where...
        I am not writing as many posts for this blog as I feel I should. Part of this is due to the fact that I am
        working full time as a tourist guide in my home district, Lofoten, that I am writing a blog for the norwegian online art magazine
        There is no excuse to blame the int

      • lofoten
        back to english writing. I am also back in lofoten - home sweet home. Oslo was nice, have seen alot of what is going on in the art scene there and I am not that impressed thinking about it - and funny enough; i do think there is just about as much interesting things going on in Northern norway. Ok,

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