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      • Hotel Leipzig
        Sabine Lang and Daniel Baumann are installing their hotel project Hotel Everland at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig these days, and it might just be, as the slogan says; the coolest hotel room on earth.
        I would very much like to test out the romantic myth and place it in Lofoten

      • things I didn't know... part 3
        I might be no native english speaker (nor german for that sake), and I guess all that have read this blog notice this.
        I do not however believe that there are language barriers that prevents me from understanding certain texts in english, and especially catalogue texts.
        Now i understand

      • take a walk on the wild side...
        those crazy swedes/danes/french or what ever they are -- not only did they decide to learn Esperanto (who takes time to do such a thing?) and apply the idea of the language to other subjects and transform them into Esperanto Style (A Sit Com, A fast food restaurant etc.), no -- they also had to star

      • Christiane Rekade about Jan Christensen in latest Flash art (hope they don't institute proceedings against me)
        I can imagen Jan being happy about mentioned in Flash Art for the second time in two issues. Also, Jan have a tendensy to get a hard on from thinking about different layers of references, so I can understand that he will be happy about the name dropping of Franz Ackermann and Michel Majerus at the s

      • one more good thing
        Brian Sholis is mentioning that The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. are going to start a program called "Andy Warhol Arts Writing Initiative": where they are going to strengthen the role of the writer in todays contemporary art world.

        This is good news.

      • frieze announces international art writer's prize

        from e-flux:
        frieze announces international art writer's prize

        frieze magazine is launching an art writer's prize to discover and promote new art critics.

        Entrants must submit one 700 word review of a recent contemporary art exhibition. Entries

      • Lars Morell and Josefine Lyche
        two friends of mine has a show in an art space nearby oslo kalled Aksershus Kunstnersenter. They both work with both installation and wall painting. Images from the show is to be seen on Lars Morell's home page.

      • installation views Jan Christensen

        From Power:

        Jan has left the walls to build installations!
        His piece that he has done in different
        versions "Painting Myself Into a Corner"
        has now become a complete sculptural

        Fifteen smaller wallpaintings a

      • Momeuntum 06
        One of the longest living spin off*s from the so-called Nordic miracle, the biennial Momentum, Moss - Norway will this year be seen for the fourth time since 1998.

        Back then it was Swede, present Direcor of Städelschule in Frankfurt, Daniel Birnbaum, Independent Dane Lars Bang Larsen a

      • exit basel...
        and enter Kunsthaus Baselland. They are showing Jan Christensen's exhibition Forward Momentum and I should have been there. The biggest solo show of Jan up to date.

        Jan also got a homepage:

      • The Munch Robberies
        Three out of total six was acquitted. I haven't followed the trial that close - but at he beginning the police and the prosecutors was 100% that all six were going to be sentenced.
        The so-called master mind, Bjørn Hoen, was sentenced to seven years, altough he claimed being playing chess

      • The death of Ola Pehrson
        Ola Pehrson, his wife Lena Gustavsson and two of their three children died in a tragic car crash Good Friday this year. Moderna Museet is inviting everyone to a memorial service on 7th of may - the last day - of the exhibition Moderna Exhibition 2006. Pehrson participated with his work "Hunt fo

      • daft punk is playing in my house (LCD sound system)
        The opening weekend of OY (Obscure Yourself) is over.
        A good opening. The fact that Pierogi, a rather know gallery from NY (Brooklyn) opend a second space in Leipzig made radio stations, tv- channels, magazines and news papers go crazy. I am glad that my small curatorial project was in the bac

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