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      • Good for Oslo
        There is a few things going on in Oslo right now – the never ending discussion of the role of the national museum of contemporary art (back in the nineties the discussion was on the german and later Norwegian director, now the museum is restructured and the national museum is including not only the

      • Kadoya Japan.
        I got a travel grant from the Norwegian Art Critic Association, to go to the island Naoshima (Naoshima ), which is very fucking nice for several reasons.
        I do really want to go there to see what the Benesse Corporation is doing out there. This mainly because I am involved as some sort of ‚lo

      • I have no theory about this text (Annika Ström)
        After seeing the Funky lesion exhibition in at BüroFriedrich in Berlin last autumn I have been thinking a little bit about the exhibition. I do not know why. Or I did not know why until I stumbled over the catalogue the other. It seems that not only is there a catalogue, but the exhibition did wande

      • Never Mistake Motion For Action
        Det er merkelig dette med kunstkritikk i Norge. Det er mange som skriver kunstkritikk på siden av å gjøre andre ting, eller for lettere kunne gjøre andre ting. Entanglements kan man si på engelsk – på norsk å gå amok i et vannglass. Man kan si at det er en veldig enkel grunn for hvorfor man skriver

        I have decided to submit a proposal for the Vestlandsutstillingen for 2006 with the working title WE LOVE THE STATE (Norwegian title above). The only problem is that I have to find someone that is willing to participate on this as there have to be a curator group of at least two persons.

      • The very first entry -
        was today. For a long time now I have been writing on art on the side on my own laptop - this additional to all the mailing. Now, in January my laptop was stolen, without me having any backup – everything is gone, from texts that I have written or being in the making of, to those thinks mentioned ab