things I didn't know... part 1 
I guess I am sort of out of it, but I learned two minutes ago the origin of the word spam.

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life and so on 
I guess it was not a great surprise, but I did not get the job at Art in Nordland... they are still looking for a director, so if anyone wants to move above the artic circle and work on contemporary - international, I might add - art. then go to their site and send them an mail. I haven't given up yettough...

soundtrack of the day:
king midas, the albums Romeo turn and The Jaguars (2005).

selling banner ads. for the norwegian online paper and trying to finish a few texts.

further, according to spyware doctor, I do have 39 infections on my laptop, there is at least one trojan on my computer (it is a Trojan.MulDrop.1324 I think, and it is situated in c:\recycled\Dc234.exe -- and I do not know what to do with it.)

I feel sort of helpless. I did a hijackthis logfile - and this one to showed some very bad things.

i tried to do an online check at panda active scan but they do not support firefox or opera browsers.

I am really fed up with being a halfling -- I want to umsteigen to ubuntu -- but sort of never find the time really, and so is it that every now and then the search for bugs, virus etc is eating up my time. But I guess to umsteigen would also eat up a lot of my time to fix everyting and to get installed etc as well

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Radio telescope - by Glitch Art 
I like it.

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update to radiodays 
I like the sound of 'radiodays'.
Have added a static page named 'artlinks: sound and Radio'. There are maybe more sound than radio in there by now, but I liked them all what I had time to hear so far.

many of the links I found at Magnetic Spirits link site. This is an sound artist called Victoria Fenner in Canada. Also, do read her thoughts about sound art ...

Now, I know there is much more to the subject of sound art and radio online, but I think I will leave the subject for today. Maybe more tomorrow.

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new to the blogroll....radiodays 
I was going to blog about the blogs I have updated to my read-list, but I will be writing about art radios and art sound online.

I guess listening to radio online is nothing new, and I guess there is no surprise in the fact that the only hard core online radio from an art institution I stumbled over (not looking for it) was from USA.
here are the few links I had time to listen to until now;

wps1 art radio

kunstradio (NB! german)

radiodays this is the traditional end- project/exhibition for the curator students at de appe in the netherlands. It is a four week radio program earlier this year. Although it is not ongoing it has an archive, and some of the interviews is very interesting, altough a bit "european curator mainstream" (Obrist, Birnbaum, Vidokle--since he's doing the next manifesta - but nothing to shame, I did it too, altough, that was before he became curator of above mentioned biennial).

Most important is maybe Seth Siegelaub on day 18.

new american radio not so much radio, but sound art

brainwashed radio not so much art, but very good music

update 23.november:
it is not that easy to find good art-related sound sites (and radio almost impossible), but
Art Radio Seattle is (not my style, but..) relevant.
I listened through the whole 10.november with 25 highlights from 150 works - and Enjoyed it.

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