It is a sad day indeed... 
the best nordic blog on contemporary art and art criticism Sarts - in swedish - is closing down. The main player, Rikard Ekholm, is glad to have done this as a project. but as he states in his last post states, he has to concentrate on other projects...

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more about Art in Nordland 
During the project Artistic Interruptions, Art in Nordland has produced 18 new projects, some of them moving into documentary. Several of them is stirring quite some debates either internaly in the municipality where they are done others by the artists themself
(one project is defined as a failure by the artist and one artist closed her project). The one most debated is the project by the Norse duo Charlotte Thiis Evensen and Lisa Karlsson and their project in Nyksund. The unusual situation at hand is that the producer of the documentary film (art in nordland) would like the film stopped from being shown.

One can follow the debate on the norwegian version of th website only.

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I am in Bod° - the interview was on friday last, I was the last of three to be interviewed. On saturday the project opened a new sculpture by the Berlin based dane Jeppe Hein. Another interactive sculpture by him. I was thinking that he might need a break/pause from his flipping cubes and moving benches or what ever these benches do. And also I was sort of curious why doing a rain sculpure in a city that has so much bad weather during a year - why not a "your private sun" or something on those lines (although, sun bathing is not healty I guess). But seeing the sculpture at the opening and the usage I was much more convinced. First of all, the inhabitans of Bod° havent seen as many projects by Hein as I have (most of them have probably seen none), and it is interesting, it has an aura of intention - it is interesting. I ended up trying my private rain.

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I am looking at the new ubuntu and like what I read. It looks to have many good features that I would like to have - now I just need to find a way to turn of the viritual memory of windows so that I can partitioning (??) my hard disk so that I can still have windows. Now I just need to find a driver for all my hard ware such as my wireless Lan etc.

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I am fed up with windows. I had to many incidents where I got an error - and it is impossible to find on the windows home page (or hope page) or the descreption of the problem not being anyway near to the actual problem. I am changing to linux.

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