how about a review? 
I have many times claimed that Tommy Olsson is a great writer, but t I am not sure if I consider him an art critic. But reading Aftenposten's main critic, Lotte Sandberg's review of the exhibition Fantastic Politics: Art in Times of Political Crisis, I understand why I just might be forced to:
although Sandberg's reviews I have read and enjoyed the last decade or so; she is a bit pissed off, a bit angry, a besserwisser and dares to be subjective, there is no engagement in her texts anymore. She goes through this exhibition and register that there are pieces of art compiled together making it what we call an exhibition of art. And in my opinion it looks like it does not engage her much. I might be mistaken, but why write about it then? at least when Tommy Olsson doesn't like the exhibition, he starts to wonder off in "Olsson-land" and it is fun to read. Sandberg is just boring. Boring reviews like boring sex: better off without.

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What went wrong Mr. Putin? 

The Girl Has A Date, 2006, colour photo, 140 x 100 cm
Blue Noses Group

A few days ago, this blog (that I am not allowed to linkthat I am not allowed to link to ) pointed out that Matthew Brown (the art dealer) was hold by the police for several hours and was not allowed to taking art works from the artist collective Blue Noses Group. He had to leave the works behind.

Now, what is wrong with Mr. Putin?
Where did he go wrong?
The Economist of July 15th this year points out that even though the first signs came with the Ukraine president election where Russia's choice was not elected and the more Pro-western candidate did win - followed up by the September 2004 siege of the Beslan school and then one year later the attacks on the oil firm Yukos - there are no particular moment when he "started to go wrong".

I agree with that, but I ask myself how can a country, in the middle of Europe with 80 mill. inhabitants (Germany) be able to support Russia. The former Bundeskanzler, Gerhard Schroeder, was very found of Mr. Putin (He should be, his political connections to Mr. Putin made it possible for him, in no time at all, to adopt a Russian 2 year old child - although he is way past 40, in his third marriage - so his wife), and have no intentions, even in this weeks interview in Der Spiegel, to criticise Mr. Putin. Also the Kanzler of today (The first woman as well as the first from east-Germany), even being more sceptical towards Mr. Putin, not criticising him at all.

Is it just me, or might this be a start of a new fascist state?

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Spiral Jetty 

thanks goes to Tyler Green's modern and contemporary art blog
(he got it from off center).

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since last 
OCA gives out the second Edward Munch award. (very good choice).

Jan Mot have series of screenings organized by Nina Möntmann

Swede living in Norway Artist turned Critic Tommy Olsson goes berserk in London (Norwegian only)

jill mentioned a interactive art work at the University in Bergen that scares people

I am going to norway for a job interview.

PHILIP got support from OCA

André Gali wrote about the latest seminar at UKS in Oslo.

I bought a great catalogue by Lene Berg in Berlin, just learned that she spent her summer in Weimar at the ACC Galerie. Short prestentation of the project here (PDF file) - I am looking forward to see the exhibition at the "No.9 i Exil" in the st.Olavsgate nr. 7 in Oslo.

FRED [London] opened a small space in Leipzig (actually where I wanted to start a small art-book shop two years ago). right now they are showing a Simon English show. Going to have a look at it today.

thats it.

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update/ museum blogging 
A few days since last post. Was near two times, but one I manage to erased myself (on museum-blogging in Europe and elsewhere, I discovered no museum blogs in Europe, although going through quite a few museum sites, some museums had own TV- channels online (GfZK Leipzig), some had own pod-casts ( BALTIC ), others had blogs, but in local language ( Centre for Contemporary Art in Vilnius).
But none where like the Americans.

Why did I touch on to this topic?
jill, who else.
In fact I was aware of Walker Art Centre blog and even the Smithsonian 's blog Eye Level with contribution from Kriston Crapp who writes the blog grammar.police - but I hardly read them. ever.

So I am thinking what would I like museums to blog? I would not like a blog from a museum turing into a part of press kit, that would be boring. Rather it would be interesting when someone would use blogs as a integrated part of their daily rutine working with a project, exhibition, random thoughs in connection to a job etc.

Jill pointed out this survey on museum blogging, and it had a link to

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