fighting or debating: Tor Inge Kveum and LIAF (long story made short) 
I wrote a review for the Norwegian magazine about the art festival in lofoten called LIAF . There I was quite hard on the issues of 1999 and 2004, both co-curated by artist Tor Inge Kveum . He wrote an angry letter back, which I am obliged to reply on. Me being without lap top for a while, trying to get my shit together for the PHILIP project at Project Art Space in Dublin in a fourth nights time ends up writing small novels when trying to reply - guess that I do not really want to answer him. It is not that I have done some big mistake although he does points out that my research on the founding from the state of Norway was not good enough, there are some issues that I am going to touch upon that I think is not that pleasant for him. He started his reply to my review by using the English term "Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one". I did find that quite strange because my latest review is about an artificial arsehole in the wall. Well, back to those books on reality and universe. Or should I rock the world and start feeling misunderstood as a writer?

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three norwegian art bloggers 
critic Kjetil Rřed:
kjetilslillerřde /Kjetil blĺ blogg eller tekster & vekster

writer André Gali:

art history student Matias Danbolt
The Danbolt Building
I cannot stop wondering if Mathias is somehow related to Art History professor Gunnar Danbolt.

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sjakk sjakk sjakk 

I believe that this evening gave jan the idea of naming his gallery after me - at least the photo is taken this evening in the end of june, sitting outside Gorky Park in Berlin and playing speed chess, I won. Other participants were jan himself (), Lars Morell (), Mr. Kowalski (), and Eve Tremblay ().

I did also play a game against Michele Robecchi at the Berlin Art Forum, he checkmated me in 5 moves -two times in a row. to embarrassed to tell you how. then the third game went into a remiss due to lack of time.

and... that's it.

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Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006 

Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006
Installation view Galerie Olaf Stüber
© Sandra Norrbin

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Some shows around Europe I would like to see 
there are many, but I will list just a few here:

Das achte Feld - Geschlechter, Leben und Begehren in der Kunst seit 1960 / The Eight Square - Gender, Life, and desire in Art Since 1960 at Museum Ludwig

James Turrell - A Life in Light at LTB Foundation

Gillan Wearing at Maureen Paley Gallery

Übersetzung. Text als Bild (Translation. Text as Picture) at Hamburger Bahnhof

Tino Sehgal at Stedelijk Museum

You Won't Feel a Thing: On Panic, Obsession, Rituality and Anesthesia at Kunsthaus Dresden

Jan de Cock and Daniel Buren at Francesca Minini Gallery

Jason Rhoades' last exhibition at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga

Jason Rhoades, TIJUANATANJIERCHANDELIER, 2006, installation View.
Photo: José Luis Gutiérrez,
© Jason Rhoades

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