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I have found the blog I am longing for, the blog I always wanted to read. It got the perfect protagonist: a female young art worker, nerd and buzz˙ bee working hard, in the same part of the world as I. It is updated daily, it is part art world gossip, part serios, part update on the news front, project descriptions, statements, comments on different things and a clear cut "I-am-an-art-world-maniac" profile. I am loving every single sentence. Actually, it is the blog I would write if I was half as good and a even near that well connected and updated.
It's like reading from someone you love and have dear, someone you know for a very long time - like a sister or a lost friend.
It's recent posting includes themes like the exhibition African Remix, Frieze Art Fair, Art Forum Berlin (long, very long and very subjective - mixture between the anal Scene and Herd of Artforum and personal letter/ email), David Elliott's predecessor at Mori Art Museum (Fumio Nanjo), about Kunsthalle Basel's Adam Szymczyk curating the next Berlin Biennial, hints and tips about the best art critics around (Searle and Saltz if you wonder) etc.

It is a great blog. the best around.

why I do not link to it?

Hidden Blog
This blog is "hidden" as in: you cannot search it on any search-machines or find it by looking for it. I'd like to keep it this way. This is a blog created for myself to be able to just post shit on my mind as a kind of therapy almost. Don't want to become a pro with this, I'd like to keep it simple, so IF you do send the link on I won't like it even though I can't stop you from doing it - I'd like to make it clear that this is NOT an official blog, I only post things related to myself in a very informal and easy way. I don't want other than very good friends to read this. I am not going to update on a regular basis. I am not going to be a "real" blogger, I'm just gonna keep the diary-thing going. AND I'm gonna talk about stuff that ONLY myself could possibly be interested in, I'm not gonna start adapting the content to any possible readers other than just as large art nerds as myself. So - please be careful with passing the blog-address on, will you? And if you do: please be selective...? Thanx!
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some small things. the gallery of the year 
Italy got a new gallery; Citric Gallery in Brescia (where is that?)`
Not that I understand Italian, but here is what the invitation card state:
ha il piacere di invitarvi
all'inugurazione della galleria
sabato 23 settembre 2006
ore 18.00

when your happy, clap your hands.

got a really nice package from Jan Christensen the other day with a lot of stuff in it (a bit like christmas), dvds, cracs, art stuff and a copy of a magazine page with a red circle marking som text:
It sucks to abandon your kids and it makes them feel really bd about themselves for their whole lives and they tend to have relationship problems, but as far as aesthetic goes, it's kind of a good look. It's way more FTW than punk or metal, because it's like "You guys can give all the fingers you want. I AM fucking the world"

I guess me and him got something in common there.

further, about Mr. Christensen, the inevitable is happening. Me and him would meet again, I knew it. Around 2000 we where mailing back and forth making up stories and ideas about how to open a art gallery in Oslo.; when Jan decided to do his own art instead (got him far I guess, much further than me and my do-not-know-what-I-am-doing-with-my-life; attitude), I bailed as well. It was never that serious, but we had ideas. it would have blasted the art scene in Oslo (and then we would have gone bankrupt after 11 September 2001 for sure). Now, I am doing my own
art space here in Leipzig and our first larger exhibition will be "I Will Never Make IT!" based on Jan's first big wall piece, conceptualized in 2000 and realized first in 2003, winning an award - like Jan does the best.

Anyway. Jan will start a gallery it looks like. Funny name, reminds me of something ; like my own name.
Leif Magne Tangens

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The Berlin Test 
After a rather long 3 weeks trip to Copenhagen (assisting Sandra in putting up her installation, or rather: I should have helped her, the installation, 165 m2 of trocellen got lost somewhere between Norway and Copenhagen. DHL does not know where it went. That must be every artists nightmare, when the works is lost in transport just before the opening. Luckily she had with her some installation shots of the initial work and managed to get two 125x175 cm photographs up on the wall 5 minutes before the press arrived.
these two:

At hĺlla samman / Keeping it together
© Sandra Norrbin 2005

Sandra also participated in a group show called Emergency Room at Galerie Olaf Stüber
Galerie Olaf Stüber.
see their blog for pictures of the installation called Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006

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considered to pay money for listings of artists. But still, there is a web portal (or, rather, there are many more than one) that is making money this way. I am thinking of ARTFACTS.NET - The contemporary art guide as they call them selves.
Could not care less, but if anyone is interested in viewing their own position, please use this free Username: Berlin2006175udb combined with this free Password: gogmanab. It is valid until November 1, 2006


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so, this blog is now found by the, meaning that this is officially public, there is no way to escape, what I write here you could find without knowing the URL.
This should come as no suprise, i do publish this online in order to let it be possible
to find it. Also I do link to a rather many different web pages in this blog and that is tracable,
As well I have told a few people about this blog, in other words, not making a secret over this.
But still it was quite a interesting experience to have someone I know, which I did write about (mistake) finding the blog by searching her/his own name.

This learned me two things I should be thinking about:
- do inform everybody that I write about that I did so. good rule.
- be aware that what I write will be online for a long time and in this sense out of my control.

more to come on this subject later.

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