Re-reading part of my own blog I am aware of the fact that spending most my time in Leipzig, I write most about Oslo - and rest of Norway. Now, I am Norwegian and most of my friends etc. are in Oslo, so it is maybe not so strange. Another thing is that compared to Oslo, Leipzig is a boring place to live and to think art in. Although the same size there is nothing that is similar. Where Oslo is a medium small city when it comes to art galleries and a medium large city when it comes to number of museums - not to mention that the magazines two magazines that I write for the most are based in Oslo (those are: Billedkunst, that I am a part of the editorial board of and Kunstkritikk.no) and discussing Norwegian reality.
even though, I am Leipzig correspondant for the Spanish magazine Art.es (here is a link to the release of the third issue on e-flux) and so-called city editor for Contemporary Magazine.

I think this just underline the fact that I am Norwegian and interested in Norwegian reality.

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Zurich er 
liten, ca. 350.000 innbyggere.
multinasjonal og multinspråklig. Med det siste mener jeg ikke nødvendigvis at mennesker fra flere forskjellige nasjoner bor der bare det at man i sveits nødvendigvis snakker tysk, fransk, kanskje italiensk og veldig ofte bedre engelsk enn en gjennomsnittilig nordmann.

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nedko solakov 
er i zurich og ser en utstilling av Nedko Solakov på Kunsthaus Zurich.
det er en veldig stor utstilling - 99 verk, men bare på 30 kvadrat. Han har valgt å stille ut verk som de syv galleriene som han jobber med ikke har greid å selge. Det er en veldig uvanlig utstilling å se da den befatter seg med hva som blir gjort når museer og samlere velger å ikke kjøpe et verk. Men utstillingen inneholder også en duchamps vending i det det som nå stilles ut på et større europeisk musem.
Det er en interessant problemstilling som kanskje ikke diskuteres nok i det norske kunstlivet.

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freeky, debates about curators in norway 
ok, I am calm despite the fact that I am going to my first job interview ever!
The project Art in Nordland that was initiated by the County of Nordland after they successfully did the Art Scape Nordland in the nineties.

The first director was Per Gunnar Tverbakk - city son of Bodø that studied fine arts at the Arts Academy in Bergen, and after that did run the indepentend space Otto Plonk mid- end nineties in the same city (and thus being one of those defining and shaping the norwegian art scene through that decade). After that time he became the Artistic Director of Kunstnernes Hus in 2001/02. After he stepped down - and after a hard internal debate they never ever employed someone else in this "curator" position, they (the artist in norway) felt that all what they have been fighting for was being taken over by the powerfull curator (and thus ignoring the fact that most of they they called "curator" in fact where artists that wanted to organize some shows for their friends and through this became trained and skilled. Most curators in norway where untill beginning of 2000...artists).

but anyway - they are seeking a ''nachfolger'', and me being one of them that might get the job. me happy.

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Monkey Island vs. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 
Why did Monkey Island I and II have such a major success? The first one was hilariously funny and played with both slap stick and word plays (jumping off a cliff and bouncing back again by hitting a rubber three or that a monkey can be made into a (monkey) wrench to close the waterfall. Also some of the riddles where/ are almost impossible to solve.
They where developed and released at the end of the heydays of adventure games (starting with black cauldron (no, I am not thinking of the "wonderfull movie from disney" - but probably the first adventure game, made by Al Lowe) and so forth – space quest (the unofficial site spacequest.net is the one I wisit) , hero quest (now renamed to quest for glory due to copyright issues), king’s quest etc. By Sierra and ended more or less by the heavier graphic possibilities in the mid nineties turning 3D-shoot them up games with riddles to solve as well as the winner )
And why was Monkey Island better that Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, both made bylucasarts – both where hilariously. Well, I think anyone that have seen The Pirates of Caribbean knows that comedy played in pirate times is really enjoyable. One can remove some reality, make some new figures and make them funny.
Every game, and even game compilation has its own rules of game, there is a certain pattern to solve a riddle, there is certain things that has to be done in order to get forwards. In Indiana Jones – a LucasArt game has this. You pick up anything and try to use items at any time possible or impossible. And thnk logically. In Monkey Island there seems to be no certain logic. There are no really surprises because everything can happen at any give time.

And then there is the music. The music of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (IJ4 from now) are annoying when it comes to sound. It is more pleasant to play the game without sound than with, but MI is pure pleasure to hear both music and other audio sounds.

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