i HATE both this blog-program and Opera [the web browser, not the singing technique, although I am not to found in that either]. After writing a long, very long update for this blog, I hit the wrong combination of ctr+[another button] and ended up ending opera, of course, the text was not saved and is now for ever lost. Update on following things:
- Manifesta mess (nothing new, just me publishing some words about it finally)
- me and Heman Chong's project Philip is going to be realized at PROJECT ARTS CENTRE in Dublin later this year.
- D21 making and possible breaking (a grand success in the eyes of the art scene in Leipzig)
- other stuff

will come later.

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taking My Stepfather offline 
Yvan Derwéduwé (Belgium) is known for his piece My Stepfather where he shoots his step dad's picture to pieces.
Now his stepfathers son is threatening to sue him if he does not remove the video of his web site.

information about the piece here

to see the video, click here (might be off line)

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It is summer and I am back home in Lofoten.
There is not that much going on here, but I will write about two events that is interesting:

Stamsund International Theatre Festival

Lofoten International Art Festival

more about this later.

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Jan Christensen- online broad cast 
Please check out this podcast about Jan Christensen's exhibition Forward Momentum.

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Hotel Leipzig 
Sabine Lang and Daniel Baumann are installing their hotel project Hotel Everland at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig these days, and it might just be, as the slogan says; the coolest hotel room on earth.
I would very much like to test out the romantic myth and place it in Lofoten (can you imagine; Hotel Everland in No Mans Land ?).

It is just that Carsten höller is working on a more site spesific project for Artistic Interruptions not far from my home town, I think I cannot.

Anyway, I wisited the hotel room today and I would very much like to test it, but I have to see if any magazine might be interested to reimburse me for it.

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