gamez, abandonwarez etc. 
Pris: Must get lonely here, J.F.
J.F. Sebastian: Not really. I MAKE friends. They're toys. My friends are toys.
I make them. It's a hobby. I'm a genetic designer.

Blade Runner

Nå når jeg har en fin ny computer har jeg prøvd å ta ned noen av de spillene jeg var hektet på i min siste game-periode (sånn på begynnelsen av nittitallet). Sierra var selvfølgelig favoritten min, men spillene deres viser seg å være veldig vanskelig å få tak i - på lovlig måte. Det er ingen problemer å gjøre dette ulovlig.

når jeg prøver å laste ned Codename: Iceman fra Sierra fra Flashback-aw får jeg denne beskjeden (som de i sin tid fikk fra IDSA - Interactive Digital Software Association)
"The IDSA works with US and foreign government officials toward the enactment, implementation and enforcement of laws that protect members' intellectual property rights."
This is the definition direct from the IDSA website. Basically, this is why we cannot offer any games from publishers whose rights are protected by the IDSA. Every now and then, the IDSA sends out warnings to sites and this is the reason for such action being taken - instead of removing the game's valuable information, the download link is removed instead. If you want to try and get access to this game, try contacting the copyright holder. If you have no luck through that avenue, you can also try Ebay. One last thing, if you do decide to contact the IDSA in regards to old software, remember to be courteous and don't flame them as personal anger just makes the whole scene look bad.

Dette virker som en krigserklæring, og det er vanskelig å unngå å tenke på den når man er ansvarlig for nettsider

heldigvis er det en rekke andre sider, og ikke minst en rekke andre spill, som jeg kan laste ned. Dette gjør at jeg kom unna denne kvelden men ikke mindre en 10 spill som jeg ikke har spilt på de siste ti-femten årenen. Noen av dem var noen tidligere sierraspill, Eye of the Beholder og ikke minst den noe obskure fuck quest (som da er en noe mindre tilsløret måte å lage spill om å få seg enn Leisure Suit Larry).

Det kommer ikke til å bli noe søvn på meg i natt, men nå vet jeg at jeg har spill for et lite halvår fremover.

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There are some things I am thinking about... 
right now - and that is writing about the Tom Sandberg exhibition in [ur=]The Festival of North Norway 2005[/url]. I loved the exhibition he had at A/F Museum in Oslo in 2000 and I have for a rather long time wanted to write about him. Now, I am in northern Norway at the same time as he is going to exhibit here. And at the same time another figure from the high modernism in norwegian photography, Arnt Sneve, are having an exhibition in a local gallery here in Lofoten. He published a book with the same name [Lofoten] back in 1988 - and I love this book and now the actuall prints are on display.

Otherwise it is hard to write for the time being and this blog is killing my time.

"noen ser veldig fint på det, noen ser grovt på det. det kommer ann på øyet som ser. Kanskje på syttitallet måtte man se grovt på det?" geir andersen.

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more and more, we have the feeling that, we are getting no where... 
I am not writing as many posts for this blog as I feel I should. Part of this is due to the fact that I am
working full time as a tourist guide in my home district, Lofoten, that I am writing a blog for the norwegian online art magazine
There is no excuse to blame the internet- or the ADSL/DSL here in Reine (for those who does not know - we are speaking of an island in the midle of the norwegian see with 1000 inhabitans a good 3200 km away from Berlin).
I call it.
A place, the only one of all I have been living (Leknes, Rognan, Stavanger, Bergen, Tønsberg, Oslo, Gera, Leipzig) that I have feelings for. It should be mentioned that I have never lived more that 3 years in any of the other places - so I will be breaking a record if I stay in Leipzig beyond november this year.
And there we are back where we where before my detour:
the DSL connection is better here than in most part of leipzig! and everyone has it (ADSL) to be honest they would actually not need anything but a ISDN-connection, but it is "so cheep" (around 24 € a month, and a good 50€ for getting it all installed) as my mother said - who does not use it at all but have it in case I come around.

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back to english writing. I am also back in lofoten - home sweet home. Oslo was nice, have seen alot of what is going on in the art scene there and I am not that impressed thinking about it - and funny enough; i do think there is just about as much interesting things going on in Northern norway. Ok, I am sitting on a bench in a park and beside the fact that my battery status is "niedrig" which forces me to quit in the next few minutes I have to add that it is so freezing cold (+7 degrees) that I cannot think anymore.

more later.

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There are a lot of things I wanted to write about like the opening and the last two exhibitions at the GfZK , and all the gallery openings in Baumwollspinnerei here in Leipzig. I wanted to write a txt about the catalogue to Cultural Territories since it more or less parallel my staying here in Leipzig. I also wanted to write a txt on my problems on writing which is partial practical (my spelling and grammar is rather rotten something both me and my editors have to fight with), and the problems of editors at all. But I have not managed that, they are all boiling up within the system not being let out and I am hoping to write just a little bit about them in the next two weeks. I started this blog rather strong and now I have not entered anything new for almost a month… so much for frequent updating. One could as if I am writing a blog at all or just a journal of some sort – why not keeping it in a diary off-line… I do not know. I like the fact that a) I have written something for people to read, but that are b) not know by that many people.
I am preparing a txt for Kunstkritikk on blogging. I hope they will like it.

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