Børre Spaced Out 

© Børre Sæthre

Press text from Børre Sæthre's exhibition at Participant Inc in NY:

Known for his immersive environmental installations, Sæthre will transform the gallery and alter aspects of PARTICIPANT INC's physical space as an integral layer of this open-ended, quasi-narrative sculptural installation. The viewer is introduced to a de-familiarized space that engages a curious sensibility. Furtive display devices create glimpses into an idiosyncratic natural world inhabited by poised animals-oddly disjoined from the overall décor to create awkwardly sexual sites for voyeuristic activity, just watching....

Sæthre's scripted experiential installations (sculptural and reconstructed environments, light, soundscapes, photographic and time-based images) approximate the uncanny ambiance of dreams, the luxurious containment of cinematic experience. Like the influential films Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968), his work relies heavily on the significance of otherworldly ambiances and a collective inclination toward irrational encounters, for example, with animals or unearthly phenomena. At once austere and saturated with clandestine fantasies, his spaces comprise confessions, secrets, and voyeuristic longings that linger within seemingly impermeable interiors-outlined in the structure of a totalizing environment and zoomed-in upon through extracted photographic tableaux.

The framework of design methodology, or the artist's attempt to maximize the residual friction between style and non-style in his work, is described by Sæthre as a learned vernacular-functional aesthetics as psychological damage-that he developed through growing up in an ultra-modern, wipe-clean interior. A realization that even these plastic environments can absorb emotionality, everyday trauma and frustration, served as motivation to subsequently heighten this fact in works that rupture pristine surfaces-revealing their failure to conceal the abject, the depressive, the unpleasant. The appearance of subliminal warnings in his installations take the form of irritating camera flashes, sounds that approximate ringing in the ears, and views of silent, distant explosions.

However, the artist also cites the locus of his work in childhood excursions outside the home (sleeping outdoors in a tent, forest adventures with friends, dreams of forging relationships with animals)-experiences that yielded fear as well as the excitement of innocent sexual encounters. Later confessions reveal this secret world, in forms such as film stills depicting the acquaintance of unusual love partners, bringing to mind childlike desires for the warmth of friendly creatures. Early works also stem from teenage observations of cruising areas, providing sculptural mappings of melted impressions made in ice and snow.

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Josefine Lyche and Lars Morell 

...are realising a series of collages for the norwegian sculptural biennale (last seen in 2003). It is impossible to find something online about the biennale, but the collages in progress from Lars and Josefine are to be seen here.

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D21 , my space in leipzig are experiencing growth problems. We are low on following:
- cash
- manpower

Both are crucial. We got money from EU through a program called Urban to renovate our space. We get 10.000 € if we spend 14.000, so in principal we should have 14.000 or et least 4.000 on our bank account, but this is just not doable. So we do not know how to move on. Also, I am in Norway most of the time now days due to studies (journalism in Bodø). But I will know on Monday if I can continue there, they want to ban due me being away all the time.
But D21 is opening two exhibitions today, Isabelle Cornaro and Reto Pulfer. I like both. Different and good. Not the usual thing to see in Leipzig none of them.

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also, I have staring using Artnews.info's services and putting my txt's online (I have never gotten arount to do this my self, but will one day... I hope) :


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i HATE both this blog-program and Opera [the web browser, not the singing technique, although I am not to found in that either]. After writing a long, very long update for this blog, I hit the wrong combination of ctr+[another button] and ended up ending opera, of course, the text was not saved and is now for ever lost. Update on following things:
- Manifesta mess (nothing new, just me publishing some words about it finally)
- me and Heman Chong's project Philip is going to be realized at PROJECT ARTS CENTRE in Dublin later this year.
- D21 making and possible breaking (a grand success in the eyes of the art scene in Leipzig)
- other stuff

will come later.

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