The art of chess 
As a spin off the Luhring Augustin Gallery are having a show titled The Art of Chess.

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Gran Masters of art 
I came over the excellent blog Grammar.police as I was doing my blog-blog for the Norwegian art critic journal It is run by Kriston Capp, who is now writing a blog for Smithsonian American Art Museum named Eye Level.

One of the first entries is about Ben Davies great review about the chess exhibition at the Noguchi Museum.

Since Capp made an extended list and asked readers to extend it, so I would like to add:

- Arnold Schönberg

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after a hectic weekend the young Norwegian Grand Master Magnus Carlsen (turned 15 a few days ago) beat his opponent, nineteen year old grand master Ivan Cheparinov after a two rapid rounds of chess. This means that Carlsen have reached not only the fourth round in the tournament and then one of the 16 best participating, but that he also have reached the World Chess Federation's top 100 list with his 2016 points.

Carlsen also beat the European Chess Champion Zurab Azmaiparashvili (FIDE rating 2658 makes him nr. 46 in the world before the championship in Russia).

THe most interesting thing is the opening of Ivan Cheparinov in the first game (view the game here or with aplet here )

Cheparinov started with a opening I haven't seen before (not that I have seen that many, but still). He opened with d2-d4 and c2-c4 before going g1-f3, g2-g3 and finally securing his c4 with b3.
This is an interesting variation and it would generate, I guess, stress for your opponent since it is brand new. This means that no one else than Cheparinov would know by hearth which moves would be the best. But still, he made his first wrong move quite early as he protected his c4 with doing Nbd2 and thus letting Carlsens bishop go to b4 (Bb4). Carlsen won this game even though playing black and seeing a new opening. Carlsens teacher, Simen Agdestein, I know as a football player from the early nineties

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spector cut + paste magazine 
The Leipzig magazine spectur cut+paste magazine is added to my link list. their first issue came out in 2001 and reached norway with their newspaper-paper, dutch design and fantastic texts. Their second issue came out the summer of 2002, not that great, but a funny interview with Slavoj Zizek.
Their third and last came out, almost two years delayed, last year.
The last issue is with artist Tilo Schulz as editor and guest editor schotisch artist Mark Hamilton. The design is very complex and some of the text's is a mixture of creative and critical writing.

It does not look like there will be another spector issue, but the web page with documentation of the project is online. It shows clearly how important design can be for a project.
I would like to add the dot-dot-dot magazine to my mag-list too, but their home page is not up and I cannot find it. I still would like to list it as a great magazine that I did read with great interest.

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on nothing 
one thing is of course that does not have the highest standards when it comes to conflict of interest, another thing as well it is that I find a perverse interest in reading's diary (called Scene & Herd) - and third thing is that I do have friends writing for them. A fourth thing is that I do not understand why Brian Sholis has a Blog that he never finds the time to update.

ps. do read April Elizabeth Lamm's post upon going to Norway. This is the third time in a year or so that a columnist at goes up north. The two others being Brian Sholis at the opening of Elmgreen & Dragset's show in Bergen this year and Clair Bishop going way up north to my home part of norway. Check out the talkback. Someone did not like the Bishop’s formulations.

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