on sex etc. 
I was an artist once (might just become one again in order to apply for grants from Norway).
One of the few works of art I did was A Viagra Case Study, 2000, an four hour long film of a penis on Viagra. Around then it was the big thing and everybody was wanting to try it out, so this film was just a test to see if one really had a boner all night long. And; yes and no - looks like one need to be sexually aroused [Live In Your Head] in order for the drug to work.

Helge Timmerberg of Die Zeit in Hamburg wrote a story how he could perform whole night long on speed and on Viagra. Great read.

Anyway, I was looking for condoms the other day, and stumbled over this condom with a lubricate of Benzocaine on the inside. That contains anaesthetic, and durex, the company who sells this condom called Performa, did a sex survey last year. Interesting in deed.

Age of first sex norway 16.5 not suprisingly low.

also number of sex partners; nr. Seven on this world ranking.

unprotected sex:
norway nr. 1

so, 21% of the norwegian s got a sexual transmitted infections or deceases that also more than any of the other countries involved in the survey.

also, experience is sort of interesting:

22% (41% in Norway, only denemark and Turkey scored better) have had affairs outside marriage. More then expected. And more people have tried tantric sex then those into SM. Also 12% have had homosexual experiences. My question would be, is this rather hetero world that we live in, would anal sex count for homosexual experience? I mean, it is the same, isn't regradless if it is a man or a woman -- no?


I am also very surprised that 3% of the asked never heard of lubricants.

1% of the interviewees bought a vibrator and/or massagers in his/her clothes store.

What is a penis sleeves?

70% of the New Zealanders had sex in a car
21% in the USA and in Canada had sex in front of camera, only 17% in Norway
not surprising, skyrocketing, Norwegians have more sex at parties (58% nest best is Denmark with 51%) -- any party in Norway is the major meat market around, you are more likely to get laid at or because of a party than finding a hooker in Norway (outside of Oslo that is almost impossible, and even in Oslo it is restricted to one tiny district)

Also, looks like 98% of the Norwegians uses lubricants in case of "vaginal dryness" (that's on my list of things not tried out; having sex with someone that are dry inside ;D), and 86% (only Austria better) in case of anal penetration.

One should do one like this for the art world. I think the number of one night stands would increase substantially.
I did, by the way, buy the condom -- what else could I do.

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fighting or debating: Tor Inge Kveum and LIAF (long story made short) 
I wrote a review for the Norwegian magazine kunstkritikk.no about the art festival in lofoten called LIAF . There I was quite hard on the issues of 1999 and 2004, both co-curated by artist Tor Inge Kveum . He wrote an angry letter back, which I am obliged to reply on. Me being without lap top for a while, trying to get my shit together for the PHILIP project at Project Art Space in Dublin in a fourth nights time ends up writing small novels when trying to reply - guess that I do not really want to answer him. It is not that I have done some big mistake although he does points out that my research on the founding from the state of Norway was not good enough, there are some issues that I am going to touch upon that I think is not that pleasant for him. He started his reply to my review by using the English term "Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one". I did find that quite strange because my latest review is about an artificial arsehole in the wall. Well, back to those books on reality and universe. Or should I rock the world and start feeling misunderstood as a writer?

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three norwegian art bloggers 
critic Kjetil Rřed:
kjetilslillerřde /Kjetil blĺ blogg eller tekster & vekster

writer André Gali:

art history student Matias Danbolt
The Danbolt Building
I cannot stop wondering if Mathias is somehow related to Art History professor Gunnar Danbolt.

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sjakk sjakk sjakk 

I believe that this evening gave jan the idea of naming his gallery after me - at least the photo is taken this evening in the end of june, sitting outside Gorky Park in Berlin and playing speed chess, I won. Other participants were jan himself (), Lars Morell (), Mr. Kowalski (), and Eve Tremblay ().

I did also play a game against Michele Robecchi at the Berlin Art Forum, he checkmated me in 5 moves -two times in a row. to embarrassed to tell you how. then the third game went into a remiss due to lack of time.

and... that's it.

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Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006 

Carpet from Art Forum Berlin, 2006
Installation view Galerie Olaf Stüber
© Sandra Norrbin

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